42 Meaning of life

Humanity has always been on a quest to unravel the meaning of life. Ever since humans could question their surroundings we have always been seeking truth.  What if we told you there was no “meaning” to life? As pessimistic as that sounds it actually may be what can release the struggle many people have when looking for meaning, purpose, and truth. Here at StreamlineInfo we wanted to present an alternate view on how people pursue the answer to the meaning of life.

People try to find purpose in life. A classic example, most people believe the purpose of eyes are to see. This is entirely not true. If we placed you in a dark closet with no source of light and asked you to see, you couldn’t. It is the combination of light and human eyes that enable you to see. Just like a plant cannot grow on its own unless it has a nutritious environment with the proper amount of soil, water, and sunlight. So you cannot say the purpose of plants are to give us oxygen, it’s the combination of environmental elements that create plants which give us oxygen. If you still believe in purpose then ask yourself this question, what is the purpose of tornado's, hurricanes, tsunamis, or earthquakes? They bring destruction and kill people all over the world, what is the purpose of that?

People also look for truth in life. If you were to place your hand on an office desk, most commonly you might say “it is true that this desk has a smooth surface”. Although it may seem true to you, it is only true because that is the extent your receptors are capable of detecting. If I place a microscope over the surface of the desk and you peek inside the microscope, your perspective will change. The surface that was once smooth is now rigid and complex. A misquote can walk on water, so if a misquote talked about water he would say its very thick and dense, but when humans talk about water our perspective is what is flexible and mailable. So, there is no “truth”, only what your receptors are capable of showing.

So humans ask, what is the meaning of life? We say this question is inherently flawed due to the very nature of differential interpretation (semantics). Our biological makeup limits our ability to see the world as it truly is, therefore our pursuit of finding the meaning of life cannot be based on the perspectives of people, but the unfolding of knowledge through time.

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