Have you ever been out there and been on a mission? And it felt just such great confidence and motivation that you're unstoppable? Whether this is volunteering at work or at church or planning a vacation for your family?

It just seems like everything is going your way and there's absolutely nothing that could stop you from accomplishing whatever goal you have in mind.

That unstoppable mission is the very small hint at what you were put here on this earth to do. And it is one of these three things: to help the world, to help yourself, and to love your god.

Let's talk about those a little bit more.

Help The World

The examples I gave such as volunteering at work and at home or in your community, those are the ones where you're helping the world.

You're taking some of your precious time and effort and refocusing it into giving back to society, making it a better place, being a good role model, and actually helping out people that need it.

It's this gift that you give of your life, your time, your personality and your soul and love that really makes an impact on the world. And all part of this, leads into Point Two. 

Help Yourself

Don't take this wrong, I'm not saying it's selfish in a bad way. I'm saying when you really understand what love is, you know that by loving yourself you grow and then you're thereby able to love other people more.

So when you start helping yourself to be better and to grow and to really focus your passion and purpose towards making meaning in your life, that's when you can start helping people out more.

Whether it's family or at work or around society. When you focus in on 'you' to grow, the reflection out on everyone else is just that much stronger.

Love Your God

The most important. And that's to love your god, your creator, who put you here on this planet for the sole purpose of using your entire strength, soul, heart, and mind to do everything in your power to love, to give back, to help and to support everyone around you.

Family, friends, society, country, and even world. That's all you're here for.

It's just unconditional love, to be more like him. And it's an impossible task, but that doesn't mean you can't get closer and closer to doing what you were meant to do here on this planet.

Ready to Continue Your Journey?

If you're ready to go on your journey and your mission to find your meaning in this life, refocus your thoughts and feelings on helping the world, helping yourself and most of all, loving your god.

So keep on looking, and you'll find that meaning.