What is the Occupy Movement? Some people interpret the movement as a radical group of people who are promoting revolution while other individuals interpret the movements as a bunch of drugged up hippies uncontrollably lashing out against the governments with no type of structure. Here at StreamlineInfo we want to help focus the lens and provide our interpretation of what the Occupy Movement truly is and the implementations that come from the roots of this organization.

Understanding that 1% of the worlds population owns 40% of the planets well we can now see that something is inherently flawed within our system. The Occupy Movements, although composed of many different individuals, they all fall under the same category of organization, which we at StreamlineInfo categorize as an awareness campaign. The Occupy Movement, while very sincere in their actions, in the broad sense are really on the streets emphasizing there is a lot of social inequality within the monetary system.

Recently in the news there have been labor unions that have been marching in the streets to emphasize how all of their work and contribution to the monetary system is actually denying them the access to live and prosper in their own accord. People are beginning to wake up. The occupy wall street movement is a sign of this awareness. A question that is very important to pose to the general public is, what will come out of this movement?

Although no one can be 100% accurate in their prediction, here at StreamlineInfo we believe that the movement, which sprouted from the occupy wall street movement, is a starting point towards a larger organization that could arrive from all of these protest. What you will potientally find is an organization that has overpowered the current monetary structure and this new organization will be presented with two options. These two options will be reform and/or revolution. When we say reform we are referring to the new organization modifying to a slight degree the current monetary system. When we talk about revolution we do not mean an all out battle of wars and fighting in the streets. We are referring to a revolution of thought. Where everyone becomes conscious to a degree that they understand that the current monetary climate is inherently flaw and does not, and I repeat, does not support the well-being of all humans.

I want to reiterate the occupied movement as of now is more of an awareness campaign than anything else. They seek to expose the nature of this system so most people can understand how this social stratification that is occurring all around the world will ultimately create more danger than harm in the long run.

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