There Is No Inherent Value In Democracy

Got Democracy?

On the national level, voting is next to meaningless

Were you to tell certain persons of the truth of democracy, that it is valueless, they may become upset and say something about how many US military persons died for democracy.  Well, lots of human beings have died for communism, for fascism, and for kings and queens in the days gone by.  Dying for something stupid doesn't add any value to the thing one died for, it only means someone was so foolish as to choose to be involved in war over some ridiculous ideal.  I doubt many US military people would say they joined the military to fight for democracy in the first place.

Facts seem to be the United States federal government is hostile towards democracy in other nations.  We've got quite a record of overthrowing foreign governments[1] for their democratically elected leadership not favoring us.  It's absolutely false to say then that the common soldier in the US military ever fights for or dies for democracy.

So the USA is antagonistic towards democracy abroad unless it suits us.  So what about our democracy?  Oh we do not have a democracy in the USA at all, what we have, is the illusion of a democracy.  If you're dumb enough to believe in US democracy then it is only because you aren't paying any attention. Franklin Delano Roosevelt had said, "Presidents are selected, not elected.[2]"

If voting did anything they wouldn't let us do it

Have you ever heard someone say something like, "if you don't vote, then you don't have any right to complain?"  I sure have, and after overcoming my revulsion at what I'd just heard or read somewhere, my head nearly explodes for the foolishness of it all.  Being alive and living within some sort of stupid political paradigm in no way means that one must support that paradigm or participate in it for their lives and their choices to matter. I say that if you voted for Obama, then you are that much the more responsible for all those dead children in Pakistan[3], that's your boy in office, and you voted for him; therefore the blood is on your hands.

Things aren't nearly that simple though, are they?  Oh no, it's not that simple, you can not say in truth, "I didn't vote for George W. Bush, therefore I'm not responsible for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan."  Neither can you get off so easily by saying, "I didn't vote for Obama, therefore I am not responsible for the bloodshed in Libya when the Libyan people sought to switch to an honest, gold based currency and dump the US dollar."  Things like that don't fly so smoothly.  If every member of congress is merely a representative for the corporations[4] and lobby groups that paid for the election campaign, then it seems to suggest that what we actually spend money on is where the REAL voting is.

Democracy can only operate correctly should voters understand the issues.

Mass media exists to divide and conquer, voters are typically not able to comprehend what's best


We don't even have a democracy in the USA, what we have is even worse, a make believe democracy. What we had or are supposed to have is a superior thing, a republic.  Democracy, where it exists, is nothing more than mob rule, a system in which fifty one percent of a population can stomp all over the rights of forty nine percent of a population.  It's a foul and stupid thing even where it actually exists.  A republic is a rule by law [5]where no one may be excused from violating the law.

The reason the last several US presidents are forever talking about democracy as if it is a thing of value is because they certainly know it has no value, and that the republic embodied by the United States Constitution which each and every last of the several previous presidents swore to uphold and then circumvented was a thing of true virtue which their corporate and banking sponsors would find a confining, burdensome thing.

There is no value in democracy, my friends.  Were there a value within it, then the only value it entailed would be it giving the common citizen some sense of having some small bit of control over the government apparatus which enslaves them.  Government is always a thing which provided chains for the illusion of safety, and people love to feel as though they have some management over those chains.  The institution of democracy, and even the illusion of a democracy, however, become extremely frightening things when you realize just how dumb and uneducated the average voter is[6]. With the average voter only having an intelligence quotient of 98, we've got the most profound conviction of the worthlessness of democracy.  I see no reason why an intelligent man or woman could support such an institution, and even the illusion of it in the face of what we see around us all in modern America.

Worthless Democracy

If you are one of those US or Western European citizens who values democracy and believes the nation you live in actually has one and not just the illusion of one, then what is it about democracy which you find to be valuable? It's we the people of the Western World, Australia, China, and Japan who have all the money, all the wealth, and all the resources.  Some of our nations, most of them, claim to be democratic nations; but are we not one world, one race of beings, the human race?  Our democracies have such terrific value, and are so wonderful, if they even exist at all, that we allow a horrific number of persons each year to die from starvation[7].  What value do you think the persons who starve to death attribute to our democracy?

The twentieth century saw approximately one hundred and sixty million persons die from warfare[8].  Did those people die so that we could have our current democracies where so many of our fellow human beings starve to death each year?  How is any of this acceptable?

To look more closely at just how unacceptable a democracy is, then look no further than the US presidential races and campaigns.  In the last presidential election cycle, Mr. Romney and Mr. Obama together spent approximately two billion dollars[9] towards election.  Do you think that two billion dollars was money well spent?  Or are you like me, in light of the knowledge that our democracy is a scam in the first place, and that presidents are selected, not elected, as F.D.R. had said, then isn't that two billion dollars money completely wasted simply for the spectacle, the illusion of a democracy.  It's all the more insulting when you realize we're supposed to have a republic where the president must follow the United States Constitution, and no one has ever before shamed his oaths of office like Obama has[10].

So we have presidents in the USA.  How is it we are an enlightened society and the most powerful nation on Earth when we're still living in the dark ages where we give absurd amounts of power to one single human who often proves so incapable of human empathy, or even honoring the vows of office they must take during inauguration? This is a major embarrassment to anyone with a brain.  We've only replaced Kings with temporary ones, democracy is the antithesis of progress, it's nothing more than feudalism, we've just replaced lords with CEOs and kings with presidents.

We vote in a candidate, if we're so stunted in the mind to vote, and we do this for the candidate's campaign promises.  We act shocked, surprised, or make excuses when the candidate does things the opposite as he or she had promised.  This is especially absurd when there is nothing in law to force a candidate to oblige his or her campaign promises[11]. What sort of idiot, then, votes for any sort of candidate based upon campaign promises which can't be taken as binding?  Oh just the common idiot that supports the sham that is democracy in the USA.

This Is The Value Of Democracy - There Is None, It Is Illusion

Currency Control

Democracy is not only valueless, it is nonexistent.  We do not live in a democracy, and we never ever did.  We live in a plutocracy[12]. This false and valueless "democracy" you think you live under is only a game the mass media plays to keep you compliant and stupid, the looming and never dimmed shadow of nuclear war is still with us, as is the unceasing trampling of our human rights as citizens of the Earth by tyrannical clowns like Obama for global systems of control he represents, and so too looms the threat of ecological disaster due to our outrageous lack of values and the utter stupidity of American consumer spending.

What is the value of democracy?  Oh it'll be something any future living humans look back upon with shame and disgust at the pathetic minds of persons who had endorsed the make believe one we promote here in the USA, and all the while, our culture is in decline.



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