Traditionally, car wax normally consists of carnauba wax which is then blended with other ingredients such as natural oils, bees wax and can sometimes also include distillates that are petroleum based. However, times have changed and you will find that the newer brands of car wax contain ingredients such as resins and special polymers that help add the shine to your car and also harden in order for that shine to last longer.

You may be surprised to know that nowadays, car wax actually comes in a variety of forms such as paste, spray and even in liquid form. The reasoning behind this is that there are numerous amounts of different paint types on cars now, so manufacturers of car wax have had to keep up with how to care for the type of paint you have on your car. Mostly, you will find that car wax comes in the paste variety. Be mindful that car wax can be sticky and therefore will attract dust to the surface of the paint. When choosing a car wax brand make sure that it has an anti-dust formula. No matter how good the brand you have decided on, you really should re-apply a coating of wax every 2 to 3 months in order to keep the paint in top notch condition.

 There is a product called auto paint sealant available and this is made from waxes that are synthetic rather than natural. This type of formula is considered to be better at protecting the surface of your car from poor weather or intense sunshine. This formula of paint sealant contains ingredients that are micronized and will penetrate the surface of your vehicle much more efficiently and in turn, provides protection and shine that lasts much longer. The beauty of using a paint sealant over car wax is that you do not need to allow it to dry and then buff to achieve that perfect shine. Most of these come in either spray or liquid form.

The most common car wax ingredients are listed below:

*Carnauba wax which comes from the leaves of a palm tree commonly found in Brazil and is known for its ability to achieve shine.

*Bee’s wax is highly durable and is found in honeycombs. It is used as part of the formula in car wax as it is considered excellent at creating a protective barrier. 

*Natural oils such as linseed are used as they are emollients which provide luster, shine and protection to the surface. 

*Wax which is synthetic in formula is developed using silicones and plastics, however, this type of formula is more durable it is not considered to give as much shine as those which use carnauba wax.

*Distillate's which are primarily made from petroleum which is in its crude form will allow the wax to be spread over the surface of the vehicle much easier and also cleans the paint.

Not only caring for you car will save you money, you also need to know what type of mechanic to visit when you do run into a problem. Choosing the wrong one will cost you extra in fees and surcharges.