The Wehrmacht was simply the name of all of the military branches of Germany. The name Wehrmacht was used to symbolize the German Air-force, the German Navy and the German army.


The term Wehrmacht has also been used my certain Aryan and or White Separatist cell groups to define their individual cell groups.

The term Wehrmacht is traditionally used to describe the German armed forces during World War 2 but usage of the term Wehrmacht is on the rise among Aryan groups. Many Aryans and White Separatists believe the term Wehrmacht represents an "Aryan Warrior". It is wrong to view the name Wehrmacht this way. The term Wehrmacht is far from describing an "White Warrior". The name as stated above comes from the name used for the German Armed Forces between 1935 and 1945.

If a white separatist or Aryan group thinks that it is cool to name their cell group after a German Military force that slaughtered Jews in Nazi death camps for stupid reasons is sorely wrong. If many of these Aryan groups that have coined themselves "Wehrmacht" were to actually sit down and see some of the footage of innocent Jewish women and children being led to the Acid Showers that painfully killed them then many of these young Aryans would realize that hating someone for the color of their skin is the same as hating someone for their religion.

The Jewish people as a whole were NOT bad people. The same goes for Blacks, Hispanics, and even Muslim Americans. There are many people who are bad people. This goes for all races and religions. You have evil Christians but that does not make Christians as a whole a bad group.

If a blonde woman is a bad driver should we ban all blond women from driving cars? No we should not and it's stupid to think that way.

To name yourself after a group that committed the heinous acts that the Wehrmacht did is stupidity. If they truly realized what the Wehrmacht stood for and the mismanagement and incompetence of them they would not think the Wehrmacht was a "cool group".

If the Germans had never forced Jewish people into concentration camps then the Germans may have been successful in their push for world dominance. The amount of money and manpower it took for the Germans to stand guard and keep an eye on the Jewish camps was huge. If instead they had diverted all that money directly in fighting it so called v"enemies" then Germany would have conquered everybody in its region. Possibly even Russia. Instead they lost their wars and millions of Jewish people died and went through untold horror and misery.

Imagine seeing your young child get killed by the Germans simply because of your religion. The Wehrmacht is not 'cool" and never was.