The Zumba Dance Routine Workout is the one of the best known dance fitness routines for those that wants an out of the ordinary exercise workout program.

People Using Zumba

What is the Zumba Dance Exercise Workout?

The Zumba dance exercise workout is a latin dance exercise developed by Alberto Perez in the late 1980's. The Zumba fitness routine combines latin dances like Samba, salsa, mambo, martial arts movements as well as other dancing exercises like belly dancing, aerobics and pole dancing.

Zumba Dance Workout Routine Review

The Zumba dance routine workout is not like any other dance exercise programs out there because it combines other dancing workout programs as well as martial arts to make a dance routine that is neither boring nor complex.

It is also particularly unique as it includes a Maraca-like stick called the Zumba toning stick in some of its routines. This stick adds extra resistance so you can also exercise your shoulders and hands which is not seen in other dancing exercise routines like belly dancing.

Kinds Of Zumba

  • Zumba Gold - Zumba class aimed for the older generation.
  • Zumba Toning - Class that particularly target parts of the body that needs toning like arms, stomach and other areas need toning.
  • Zumba Sentao - Is a class that includes a chair in the routine.
  • Zumba Aqua - Zumba class that uses a swimming pool.

There are other kinds of classes that caters to a specific kind of people and exercise regiments. Because of these different classes, the Zumba exercise program is the only dance workout program that the whole population can take part in. A dance exercise for kids as well as for adults and the older generation.

Zumba Tips For Beginners

If you are a Zumba beginner, you should look for classes that specifically caters to beginners or your basic Zumba classes. These classes can help you on learning the steps as well as get the gist on what Zumba is all about.

In regards with the steps, there are no "embarassing moves" in Zumba as most moves are taken from traditional latin dance moves mixed with hip-hop and martial arts.

If you are using a Zumba DVD, you should thoroughly follow the instructions as "DVD jumping" will likely overwhelm you as some routines are fast-paced and complex meant for people who have some experience with Zumba. My advice is to read the program guide as it has some information on how you use the DVD set. The single piece DVDs out there should be use one by one and not in random.

Zumba Instructions And Zumba Classes Locations

Because of the popularity of Zumba, there is at least one Zumba certified instructor in every country in the world that can help you get your Zumba certfication if you want to become a trainer or want to learn Zumba from a professionally trained instructor.

Finding Zumba classes near your location is easy because it is one of the most popular dance exercise workouts that is so versatile that old people and young kids can use it. Just look for the nearest mainstream fitness center in your city and ask for Zumba classes.

Zumba Fitness Testimonials From People

Problems You Might Encounter with Zumba

There are people in the web who are complaining about Zumba and how the dance routine didn't work for them as well as those that have aggravated their condition for example their back problems.

Problems like these is not because of the dance exercise workout, but because of the people who use it which is why I always advice to only use the official Zumba DVD sets as well as the official Zumba videos. You should also enroll in a Zumba class that perfectly fits your condition as well as having a certified Zumba Trainer to help you.

Clothing To Use For Zumba

The best Zumba Clothing for you to use is your ordinary tank top or an ordinary shirt that is not too constricting but not too loose that it is hard to do the steps. The pants can be your traditional workout pants or your jogging pants. Just use pants that are not too loose and not too tight. I really like their chose of clothing so people who don't want to wear revealing exercise clothes like in Yoga or in a belly dancing class can enjoy the dance routine without feeling shy or embarrased.

See Zumba Dance Exercise In Action

Zumba DVD Sets - Find The Best DVD Set For You

For those that are too shy to enroll in Zumba classes, there are Zumba DVD sets available for people who wants to start this dance workout exercise routine at home. The DVD sets includes everything you would need to start your Zumba exercise workout.

I personally recommend the Zumba Total Body Transformation DVD set as it is more useful for Zumba beginners or those who hasn't tried any dance exercise routines. The Zumba Exhilarate DVD set on the other-hand are for those who wants a more complex, challenging rapid-paced dance routine or those who have some experience with dance exercise routines before.