Vitamin B2 can furthermore be referred to as riboflavin. One can find sources of riboflavin in foods like meat, milk, eggs, enriched flour, green vegetables and nuts. Often, vitamin B2 is used along with most of the other vitamin b types.

Riboflavin helps in the prevention from many vitamin B deficiencies, migraine headaches, cancer, and cervical. Also, the treatment of acne, burning feet syndrome, riboflavin deficiency, muscle cramps, blood disorders like red blood cell aplasia, and carpal tunnel syndrome is effectively done. Many of the people take help of riboflavin for treating eye problems such as cataracts, eye fatigue, and glaucoma.

People can find several uses of vitamin b2 to heal their health conditions in the list in also includes boosting immune system, increasing energy level, keeping hair and shin healthy, mucous membranes, slowing aging, helping in healthy reproductive function, memory loss and canker sores.

It is even effective for healing the Alzheimer’s diseases, liver diseases, and burns, treating Lactic acidosis, ulcers, Sickle cellanemia and alcoholism.

How does riboflavin works?

It is very much essential for the tracking of the digestive system, blood cells, function of skin, and different parts of the body.

Benefits of Vitamin B2

  • It helps in the prevention of cataracts in one’s body.
  • Prevents individual suffering from migraine headaches. It has been seen that those persons take riboflavin in the quantity of 400 mg per day effectively reduce the problem of migraine attacks. But, it does not help persons in reducing pain or the time till the problem of migraine exists in one’s body.

In likely evidence for:

  • It helps the persons who are suffering from the problem of cervical cancer, there is several evidence which shows that one who take in large riboflavin from the source of dietary and its supplement together with thiamine, vitamin 12 and folic acid can help in decreasing of the development of precancerous spots upon the cervix in an individual.
  • There is initial evidence that riboflavin is effectual in treating the health condition of persons suffering from lactic acidosis with obtaining of the immunodeficiency syndrome. Which is usually caused because of a drug called as (NRTI) nucleoside analog reverse transcriptase inhibitors.
  • Acne
  • Aging
  • Muscle cramps.
  • Helps in boosting of the immune system.

Still many of the other evidence are required that can prove the effects of riboflavin in treating the above problems and conditions.

Precautions to be measured

Medical researchers have proved that riboflavin is effective and almost safe the pregnancy and breast feeding. When taken in the exact ratio or amount as recommended by the doctors, normally the amount recommended is 1.4 mg per day for a pregnant lady. And the Women’s with breast feeding are recommended to take 1.6 mg per day.

Sources of Vitamin B2 or Riboflavin

  • Sources of Riboflavin are in the intake of Vitamin B supplements which are found in milk, meat, nuts, eggs, green vegetables.
  • One can even take Vitamin B complex products that are easily available in the sources of Vitamin B1, B2, B5, B6, B12 and folic acids.