Society has always identified behavior in at least two categories; there is right and there is wrong. It seems to me that our United States of America has narrowed the divide when it comes to right and wrong, especially concerning social issues. Many people have the notion that something can be wrong or right based solely on their opinion or belief. In other words, if no one thinks it's wrong for a man to marry another man, then it's not wrong. Worshiping an idol isn't wrong, it's your right. Abortion is ok sometimes; if that's what you want to say. A person has a right to own a gun, yet killing someone in self-defense can be right or wrong.  


 A behavior becomes a social issue when a person or a group of people decide that they want their way of life or, rather, their life choices to be acceptable in society. Now, in large uppercase, I will insert my "however" thought. HOWEVER, believing that a behavior is not wrong is not enough to merit that behavior as socially acceptable, or right. Furthermore, if a person or group of people must pass laws in this country in order to support or uphold their beliefs, then something is inherently wrong with their beliefs. I refuse to obey the law of man when it is contrary to the law and will of God, not to mention thousands of years of human history.


America's lack of faith in God is appalling. It's not merely lack of faith, but her unwillingness to follow the God in whom she professes to believe. Why must we, by law, support people who behave in ways that are biblically and historically unsound and unsavory? The recent litigation which forces Notary Publics to support gay marriage is a step away from God and country. In some states, a person who is a Notary Public must not refuse to marry homosexual couples because if they do they will be charged with a human rights violation. Remember, the person refusing to marry a homosexual couple is doing so because they believe it is wrong. Why must that person shut down their business simply because their opinion is different?


Perhaps the reason why you believe something is right or wrong must be based on more than yourself and others who agree with you. There is an Editor In Chief who wrote the book on social issues and more. God had many writers, but they spoke and wrote as they were moved by His Holy Spirit. Now, we would do well to form our beliefs about right and wrong according to the Bible. A book that has been a best seller for thousands of years ought not be considered as another random opinion.