While you generally do not need to go to school to become a chiropractic assistant, there are quite a few chiropractic schools and continuing education companies that offer a program and classes that lead to a certification for a Certified Chiropractic Assistant.

States That Require Chiropractic Assistant Licensing

There are a few states that require the chiropractic assistant to be licensed before they can work in an office and see patients. These states include:

  •  Maine
  •  Florida
  •  South Dakota
  • Tennessee
  • Oregon
  • Nevada
  • Maryland
  • Arizona

You should check with the above states to see if you need to be licensed. If you do, you do not necessarily have to get the Certified Chiropractic Assistant designation. However, if you are going to spend the hours training that are required, it makes sense that you should consider completing the designation.

Coursework That Should Be Included in a Certified Chiropractic Assistant Program

While the program curriculum will vary, you should expect to take many of the following courses:

  • Medical Classes – Anatomy and Physiology, Equipment Used in a Chiropractic Office, Patient History Procedures, Importance of Taking Vital Signs, X-ray Training, Medical Terminology and Definitions
  • Administrative Classes – General Office Administration, Insurance Coding, Insurance Billing, Insurance Definitions, Collections Procedures, Accounts Payable, General Ledger Accounting
  • Communication Skills – Effective Communication With The Patient, Written Communications, Email Management, Scheduling, Wellness Introduction, Patient Sympathy, Greeting and Dismissing Patients

While each program will not have all of these classes and they will not be called the same names, you will want to make sure the program includes most of these important areas.

The Certified Chiropractic Assistant Program Importance

The most important thing about obtaining the Certified Chiropractic Assistant designation is that it will show your future employer that you are ready to take on all duties that may come your way.

By having some well rounded training, the Chiropractor will not have to worry about as big of a learning curve if they hire you. This will help you stand out from the pool of applicants. While it may not make a huge difference in pay at the beginning, having the certification should definitely help you receive merit increases because it will show the Chiropractor that you are eager to learn and will most likely be keeping your skills up to date.

Chiropractic Assistant

In summary, anything you can do to make yourself stand out will definitely help you advance in your career as a chiropractic assistant.