A chiropractic assistant is someone who assists a Chiropractor in various duties within the Chiropractor's office and because of all of their roles, they play a vital role in the success of the office.

Chiropractic Assistant Duties

A chiropractic assistant may have duties that fall into two categories: medical or patient care duties and office management duties.

Depending upon the size of the chiropractic office, the chiropractic assistant could have duties that fall into one or both of the categories. In some cases, especially larger chiropractic practices, the chiropractic assistant may possibly be more specialized becuase there are more employees to spread the duties around. However, most chiropractic practices are small, often times with just one or two doctors.

In this case, the chiropractic assistant will wear many hats and not only will help with patient care but will help with the general office management.

Chiropractic Assistant Medical Duties

Chiropractic Assistant

A chiropractic assistant can assist the chiropractor in a variety of ways. They will generally be the first point of contact and will take the patient and have them weighted and measured. They may then also take a brief patient history and basic vital signs so this information is already recorded for the doctor.

A chiropractic assistant may also be called upon to take x-rays or may perform other minor test procedures. Often times they must have a certification to do x-rays and other procedures.

The chiropractor may also have the patient do some rehabilitative exercises and once the doctor gives the patient some general instruction, usually the chiropractic assistant will supervise these activities as well as provide some basic patient education so that they may continue the exercises at home.

Office Duties of the Chiropractic Assistant

A chiropractic assistant may also be called upon to help with a wide variety of office duties especially in smaller offices.

Some general office duties will include answering the phone, greeting patients, scheduling patients, and responding to emails. The chiropractic assistant may very well be called on to do some cleaning such as vacuuming the floors every night, dusting, and keeping the entryway clean and inviting.

In a smaller practice, the they will also handle some bookkeeping duties. These will include insurance coding, billing, booking payments, bank deposits, accounts payable, and collections.

Chiropractic Assistant – “Jack of all Trades”

As you can see, the chiropractic assistant is kind of a “jack of all trades”. It is true even more so in smaller offices.  They must be prepared to take on all of these responsibilities.

Since the chiropractic assistant will be called upon to do many things, even some non medical related, they must convey a proper attitude because they are the glue that holds the practice together. Because of this, without the chiropractic assistant, the doctor will not be as effective and the patient care will suffer.