If you have never before purchased luxury bedding, you are likely confused by a lot of terms that those in the know use like everyone on the face of the earth will know what they're talking about. A term that you are very likely to encounter is "duvet". This word is pronounced as "doo-vey", with the T being silent. Let's look at the item of luxury bedding that is the duvet, and see what it is and how it works.

What Is A Duvet?

Many people who do not know the difference between luxury bedding items easily confuse duvets, comforters and bedspreads. In reality, blankets, quilts, and comforters are all replaceable by and actually meant to be replaced by the duvet. Although some choose to use only a duvet, others decide to put a duvet atop luxury bed sheets. This makes a duvet a money saver by far in comparison to other forms of luxury bedding sets. A duvet could be an excellent choice for you if you are trying to find luxury bedding at a discount price.

Where Did The Duvet Come From?

Though no one knows what city or town this luxury bed linen came from, the duvet probably originated in rural areas of Europe. Although the word is French, many think it originated with the Norse. "Dunn", which, in Norse, means "down", as in from birds, is thought to have been very subtly changed by the many different dialects until it eventually became "duvet". Australians usually call the duvet a "doona", which is actually an IKEA product back in the 60's. Before then, Australians generally called it a continental quilt. As with Americans, Australians tend to clump all luxury bed linens, be they quilts, duvets, or comforters in to a single term, although they are very different.

The Make-up Of The Duvet

Traditionally, duvets are made using eiderdown, although some companies do use other material. Eiderdown, which is a product of elder ducks, is the very soft feathers that lay near the skin which the ducks use for insulation. The harvesting of eiderdown does not harm the ducks. The ducks, which are typically wild and nest in areas that humans harvest the down, are actually very friendly and sociable creatures because of their interactions with humans. Considering this, duvets which use eiderdown can be seen as a very green way of making luxurious bedding.

Duvet: The Purpose

The usual reason people use a duvet is for warmth. Duvets are usually warmer than comforters and, in colder areas, can usually keep a person warm by themselves. Of course, duvets are not the only things one can use to keep warm. The duvet is usually preferred by people that can afford to buy luxury bedding ensembles and have no reason to worry about their bed linens getting soiled. Most duvets spend the day covered to prevent them getting dirty, but they are quite hard to clean should they become soiled. Most people that use them do so because they like the feel of a duvet compared to a typical blanket and bedspread combination. Comfort, after all, is exactly what luxury bedding is purchased for.