Have you thought about becoming a medical assistant? Have you wondered what this career pays? Becoming a medical assistant is one of the fastest growing careers in modern times. The job description of a medical assistant vary from office to office often times depending on the size of the doctor's office and the practitioners specialty. And for someone just out of school or even with a few years of experience, the salary range of this position is pretty decent.

First let's discuss the typical job description and duties that a medical assistant may provide. Some assistants perform administrative tasks such as filing patient's medical records, filling out insurance forms, arranging for hospital admissions , and laboratory services. They also often times answer telephones, sign in new patients, and even handle billing and bookkeeping duties . It is quite common for medical assistants who do more work to get paid higher wages. In fact in some small offices a medical assistant can literally be the doctors right hand person.

What's the surest way to get a high physician assistant salary? Most definitely it involves training. For medical assistant programs that offer clinical certification it is quite a good route to take. Clinical medical assistance can do things such as record vital signs explain treatment procedures to patients and even assist physicians during examinations . Of course these types of duties are all governed by state law. Many community and junior colleges have great programs that last one year or even two years and could result in an Associates degree. The more education that you can receive while also working in the job and gaining experience, the higher salary you can command.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the year 2006 medical assistants had about 417,000 jobs. 62% work in offices of physicians and 12% work in public or private hospitals. Another 11% work in other health practitioner offices such as podiatrists, optometrists, and even chiropractors. So what is a good range for a medical assistant salary? The middle 50% earned between $22,000 and $32,000 per year. Average salaries went up with more education as well as in different types of medical facilities. For example surgical hospitals and general medical hospitals paid the highest average wage of just over $27,000 per year. Outpatient care centers were next with just under $27,000 per year.

Personally I have seen that in larger cities the demand for medical assistants is much greater. The law of supply and demand takes over in this instance and salaries can be significantly higher for those who work full-time as medical assistants. It is not uncommon to make $40,000 or more in a small physicians' office in a larger city.

As manufacturing jobs continue to disappear from the United States health related jobs are expected to grow much faster than average for future prospects. Medical assistants are expected to have a particularly excellent job outlook in the next 5 to 10 years.

Perhaps the best thing you can do for yourself and your family is to consider getting training and finding a beginner's job as a medical assistant in a small office to gain experience. As you move up in both education as well as experience you will garner and deserve higher wages. Good luck in your new chosen career!