What is the best-selling soda in the world is an interesting question to many. There has been a war for years between Coca-Cola and Pepsi. Since the beginning of the soda coke the Coca Cola company had a monopoly on this soft drink. For years they were the main producer of the best-selling soda in the world.

Soft Drink War: Pepsi versus Coca-Cola

That was until the late seventies. Then PepsiCo (yes, the company behind Pepsi) came along. They decided it was enough with the monopoly position Coca-Cola had in the best-selling soda world. They made just as Coca-Cola a soft drink called coke and they made it even better.

And that was the start of a war. PepsiCo showed an advertisement where they made subjects drink the different types of coke blindfolded and, obvious, Pepsi came out the best. This resulted in a big hit on Coca-Cola, where Pepsi was a little time even the best-selling soda in the world.

Pepsi decided to hire celebrities as well, something Coca-Cola didn't do. This was a big hit as well, with stars like Michael Jackson. Coca-Cola hit back with a more sustainable ad strategy by sponsoring big events to show their brand name to a lot of eyeballs.

Eventually it was decided. Coca-Cola had their own researchers on the job and just as the Pepsi ad showed, customers like Pepsi better than Coca-Cola! They decided to change their formula by making their soft-drink a little sweeter. Pepsi took this as a white flag and decided they won the war! All the employees of PepsiCo got a day off and they were full of it, Coca-Cola was changing their formula because of them.

In the end? Coca-Cola did some smart things by inventing the Diet Coke and branching out to other soft drinks as well.

What Is the Best-Selling Soda

What is the Best-Selling Soda?

Now back to our question from the start: what is the best-selling soda? Based on rankings from 2007 this is the list:

  1. Coke. Yes, from Coca-Cola.
  2. Diet Coke. So Coca-Cola holds up the top two spots? Yes.
  3. Pepsi Cola. And then there is the good third.
  4. Mountain Dew.
  5. Dr. Pepper.
  6. Sprite.
  7. Diet Pepsi.
  8. Diet Mountain Dew.
  9. Diet Dr. Pepper.
  10. Fanta.

And that is where the list currently is. The answer on the question what is the best-selling soda is currently Coke and Diet Coke, so Coca-Cola is the biggest player in the soft drink world.

At least, this is the answer to what brand. If you look at what the best-selling type of soda is the answer has to be coke as well. As 8 out of the top 10 best-selling sodas exist out of coke, either diet, from another brand or with some cherry in it. Coke is always the biggest player. If you think Sprite is a good runner up, Sprite is from the Coca-Cola company as well. Fanta? Yes, indeed, a Coca-Cola product as well!

Coke is the best-selling soda in the world and Coca-Cola is the best-selling soda company in the world. And that is the answer to the questions what is the best-selling soda!