It probably comes as no surprise that in Italy tourism is a huge industry. Because of its rich history, friendly culture, and incredible climate, Italy attracts people from all areas of the globe.

Because of its range of geography types and the many amazing things to do, a guided tour of Italy could be the perfect way to see the country for the first (or second, or fifth!) time. There are a number of agencies, both in Italy and here at home, that set up tours of all types. Wouldn't it be great not to have to worry about planning your vacation…you can just enjoy it instead!

Nowhere is more well-known for its cuisine than Italy. So how about a culinary tour? There are dozens of themed tours available, exploring many of Italy's different regions. Some involve cooking lessons or harvest celebrations as well, and of course there are always wine-tasting tours. Wine and food are probably responsible for a great deal of Italy tourism!

Food isn't your thing? How about fashion? Believe it or not, you can join a group in a tour of Florence and Milan…two of the most influential cities in the fashion world.

Of course, a bike tour of Italy is always an option as well. There are tours of many different lengths, requiring different levels of fitness. This is an incredible way to see the countryside, and it may be combined with another kind of tour, such as a culinary tour.

The home of many famous sculptors and painters, Italy is the perfect place for an art tour. Visit the major cities and their museums in a guided tour, and learn a lot while you're there! There are even specific tours relating to individual artists, including Michelangelo.

Of course, Italy was the home of the Holy Roman Empire, and as such is an amazing source of ruins. If you enjoy exploring, a tour of Italy's ancient Roman ruins, may be for you.

For another active vacation, try a golf tour, or a ski trip! You may want to go back and experience Italy tourism again and again.

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