For those wanting to earn money from home using online auctions, a question that is often asked is, “What items should I sell on Ebay?” Everyone has stuff to sell on Ebay, but not everything is worth the time it takes to research, take pictures and list.

The best way to find out what items to sell on Ebay is to do your homework and research what you know. For example, if you are a teacher, then you are very knowledgeable about what book series are popular with children. Chances are if your students are reading these books, others children are, too. You may also have teacher books that you no longer use or are out of print, but other teachers are searching for these for their own personal library.

If you are a collector of comic books, Barbie dolls, stamps, vintage board games, or anything else, then you are aware of the value of these items. If you do not want to sell your own collection, you can go to yard sales and thrift stores and start searching for these items to list on Ebay.

Another way to find out what stuff sells on Ebay is to get rid of what you do not use anymore. This information is invaluable because once you know what sells for a good price, then you can search for these things secondhand and start selling them yourself.

If you have parents who are selling their home and downsizing, you can put their unwanted items up for auction and give them the proceeds (or if you are lucky, you get to keep them). Again, this gives you a knowledge base that you did not have before.

Hot Items to Sell Will Help You Make Money on Ebay

As the seasons change, so do the hot items to sell on Ebay. While you can sell anything at any time, listing items for auction at the proper time will increase the amount of money you make. Vintage Christmas ornaments and decorations are hot in the late fall right through till Christmas. Upload those in April, and while you may make a sale, unless it is so hard to find, you will not make as much money as you would selling these items on Ebay at the right time.

Your local newspaper can give you clues as to what may be a potential best selling item on Ebay. They frequently have articles with lists of up and coming popular fashion trends for the new season.

Ask a teenager or tweenager what is popular with them. They are the ones with disposable income. If you can find it at a discount, it may be an item you should sell on Ebay.

Sometime in the fall, lists of the hottest Christmas toys come out. You can hedge your bets and, if you are not one prone to a guilty conscience, buy as many as you can to sell at inflated prices. Parents of children go nuts during the holidays trying to obtain the much coveted, yet hard to find toy or gaming system. If you pay attention, you can make a profit on these trends. Save your receipts so ou can return the toys in case you are wrong.

To help you get started, here are some items that routinely sell on Ebay that can make you money. Of course, there are no guarantees that you will make big money or any at all, but these items are worth researching.

Vintage Mah Jongg Sets

Mah Jongg is an ancient Chinese tile game played with four people. It is very popular and there are even mah jongg cruises and tournaments. Vintage sets form the 1930’s to the 1960’s are very valuable on Ebay, especially if they have all of the tiles.

Vintage Pyrex Sells on Ebay

Cinderella mixing bowl sets are an item to sell on Ebay. While not every color and pattern is a big seller or sells at all, there are many that do. If you do not have the complete set, you can break it up and sell each bowl separately. Sometimes collectors are just looking for one bowl, not the entire set.

Retired Pyrex casserole dishes also sell, but it depends on the pattern. Having the lid makes them more valuable.

Pyrex’s Corelle line also has many discontinued vintage patterns. Some sell for good money in lots while others get big bucks for singular hard to find pieces. Again, do your research and see if these items are worth selling on Ebay.

Discontinued Corning Ware is an Item to Sell on Ebay

Did anyone not grow up with Corning Ware’s Cornflower Blue casseroles on their dinner table? This is just one of the long discontinued patterns that people are searching for. Again, not all patterns are wanted and even if a pattern is a popular resale one, not all pieces sell secondhand.

American Girl Dolls and Accessories

If you happen upon American Girl dolls, clothing, or accessories at a yard sale, grab them! These items sell for good money on Ebay.

Vintage Fisher Price Toys

Do you remember playing with the Fisher Price parking garage, school house, or farm? Remember the Little People and the cars they fit in? How about the school bus?

Many collectors want these toys from their childhood. Even if a toy has missing pieces, you can still sell them as a lot of separately.

Doll House Furniture is an Item to Sell on Ebay

Forget the doll house, people want to find the furniture and people that go inside. While the doll houses do sell, but they are large and finding a box that fits may be hard. Accessories, such as cars and animals, also are great to put in your doll house lot.

To answer the question, “What should I sell on Ebay?”, you should find yourself a niche and learn as much as you can about it. Start selling these items on Ebay and once you have mastered this niche, move onto another one. In time, your expertise in different areas will grow.