What's holding me back from making tons of money on infobarrel and in internet marketing in general?

The answer may surprise you

Here's the answer plain and simple... I spend way too much time reading books about infobarrel and internet marketing and lurking on forums looking for the silver bullet that will help me make money.


I'm looking for the answer to how to make money with infobarrel and internet marketing in all the wrong places. The truth is I have to stop reading and searching for answers and I need to start taking ACTION. MASSIVE action. That's the only way I'll ever achieve success and it's the only way you will ever achieve success either.


What it boils down to here on InfoBarrel is that you won't be making any money unless you are writing articles. So, please, for God's sake, stop reading this article and write some articles! If you're not signed up with InfoBarrel yet, check out my signature next to my picture and name(impact).


That's all there is to it. Oftentimes, we're ready to fire, but we get stuck aiming, aiming, aiming...etc... and we never actually take the shot! How are we supposed to get the deer or whatever it is we are hunting(the money, the success) if we never take the shot!


I remember a famous quote that says that "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take"... so for God's sake! Shoot! Shoot to score! It's like hockey, if you want to score, you have to shoot the puck to the net... Even if you're at a bad angle, shoot anyways, you never know what might happen. The puck might get deflected off someone's skate in front of the net and actually go in!


The same is true here on InfoBarrel and in internet marketing in general... you never know what can happen. Sure, it's important to learn about how to make more money on InfoBarrel or in internet marketing, but you should limit the time you spend reading about these things so you can maximize your time spent on doing the things that will actually create money for you.


On InfoBarrel, that means writing articles. Maybe it means doing some keyword research. It all depends on what your goals are. Maybe it means promoting your articles.


In my opinion, you should be doing one of those 3 things 99% of the time if you want to see success on infobarrel. You have to be either writing articles, doing keyword research for your next article, or promoting your existing articles! That's it! There might be more to it than that... but off the top of my head those are the key elements to success on here.(If you disagree or have anything to add, please leave me a comment at the bottom of this page)


Hope this helps you. Good luck!

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