As a relatively recent writer on, I’ve just reached 50 articles with this one. This is definitely a milestone, and I’m proud of myself for having made it this far. But no doubt, this is just the first step. I’m starting to get a bit more readership, more people - other than myself - are promoting some of my articles through venues such as Twitter, and hits are slowly starting to trickle in. A ballpark figure I hear for starting to earn decent money is around 100 articles - and I’m only halfway there.

Of course, it’s not all about the money - especially on a website where you won’t see returns right away. Writing on Infobarrel - especially for first timers such as myself - is as much about patience, learning, and finding which topics are right for you. Learn the ins and outs of online article writing, and even if you stumble a bit at first - as I no doubt have with my first 50 articles - you’ll have a solid base for writing articles and earning more money in the future.

I’m far from an expert or guru when it comes to earning money online - but as a fellow IB writer I’d like to share some of my experiences and lessons with you all the same.

Start with what you Know

It’s a cliche with anything, much less writing, that you should follow your passion. And that’s definitely true. Without enjoying the subjects you’re writing about, you won’t get very far. All of the topics I’ve written about so far - travel, expat life, and learning foreign languages - are things I know and like very much.

I’d say that not just liking what you’re writing about is important - knowing it well is, too. Writing about topics you already know about extensively will cut down the need for research and allow you to focus on writing quality articles. When you’re first starting out, you already have so much to learn. Not just about quality writing - but quality writing that has enough SEO to attract an audience without coming across as spammy. And taking advantage of the advertising options that are available to you, such as Amazon affiliates. And finding your own personal rhythm and writing style.

Most of my articles up to this point I didn’t need to do any research on - I already knew them like the back of my hand. And if it’s a niche you know well, you can brainstorm topic ideas that much more easily. Once I started writing about Toastmasters. a flurry of related subject ideas came to me, and I managed to crank out about a dozen articles about the public speaking group. All of them are articles I managed to write in a reasonable amount of time - 30 to 60 minutes each - while still having a good amount of quality information in them.

Use Every Tip and Trick in the Book

Unfortunately, we all know that passion and quality articles will only take you so far. Without proper ways to get the word out, we won’t climb the Google rankings and get the hits we need to make a healthy side income from Infobarrel.

The best way to do this, of course, is doing proper SEO research - finding the right keywords that will draw people to your article. Not only that, but you have to have a keyword rich article that doesn’t come across as spammy. There are also other techniques, such as promoting on other websites, and backlinks. Whenever I have an article published on Infobarrel, I use about half a dozen sites to get the word out. These include some of the obvious choices - such as Twitter, Facebook (my accounts for those two are linked), Pinterest - as well as other methods, such as submitting my RSS feed to feed collection websites, and using search engine submission tools like SubmitStart.

Also it’s best to take advantage of what Infobarrel itself has to offer. Look for little ways to add keywords more naturally to your article, or at least in ways that won’t affect the quality of the article itself too much. Adding keywords to your images is a good example. I’ve been making more use of the headers these days - which allow you to add extra phrases to the top of the article, below the title. I’ve also been experimenting with other ways of using media in articles - such as Youtube videos.

Backlinks to other articles are also a must - when appropriate. Again, using Toastmasters as an example - that’s a topic that has dozens of interrelated subjects in it. So it’s completely natural to have a few links to other ™ features in any given Toastmasters article - I usually have around 3 or 4. In a  nutshell, taking advantage of the tools you have, without ruining the experience for readers, is essential on article writing sites.

While some of what I’ve covered in this article is well known or common sense, I still hope you’ve gotten something out of it. I started out InfoBarrel for the money more than anything else, but as I continue on it I found it’s just as beneficial for other things - such as writing about what I enjoy, and having a solid base for future article writing. I hope to use what I’ve learned in the IB community in my next 50 articles and beyond.

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