I spent all night working on this new site and it was all a big waste of time...

find out why in this article...

Let's cut to the chase, the reason my whole night of hard work was wasted is because ultimately I was in it for the money... I was chasing dollar signs and I built a blog promoting a product I didn't really believe in. I won't mention the name of the product but I'll explain to you why yesterday night was a failure for me:


Basically, the product was a dating product helping men learn how to attract women. Now, there's nothing wrong with that in my opinion but I did a little research and some of the techniques they teach men on how to seduce women are really manipulative. Unfortunately, I have a conscience and I'm unable to promote something that will be used for bad purposes... So, I had to take down the whole site after working so hard on it all night long.


I just thought of something though. Here's why it wasn't a complete waste of time...: Every time I set up one of these blogs or mini sites, I learn something new and I get better at doing what I do.... So, in the end, it wasn't a complete waste of time... It was a small investment and at least I've learned my lesson. I was so obsessed with selling big-ticket items so I could make a lot of money that I didn't take into consideration that my conscience would catch up with me and force me to shut it down.


This is not the first time this has happened to me either. There is a lot of over-priced products out there on the market and it's easy to get lured in both as a consumer and as a promoter because of the benefits... It's so important to stick with your gut in these things in life and do the right thing... Because ultimately, it will determine your success or failure. If you start cutting corners just to earn a quick buck, your conscience will slowly eat away at you... We all have a conscience and whether or not we like to admit it, it has a lot of power over us. The guilt might not be consciously apparent but it's in there at least subconsciously messing with your life. It's the reason so many of us sabotage our own lives... because deep down inside we feel guilty!


I believe that's one of the main things that's been holding me back. Deep down, I still feel guilty. I always ultimately do the right thing though and you should too. Would you rather be rich or sleep well at night? Remember, you could have both so don't sacrifice one for the other! Warren Buffett famously said that you can get rich while doing the right thing at all times... On a side note, if you don't know who Warren Buffett is, you're missing out. He's a genius. He was the richest man in the world a couple of years ago - richer than Bill Gates... and he made all his money investing in different companies like Coca Cola and insurance companies. You could learn a lot from that man. He's one of my heroes because he's managed to do the right thing all along and still become the richest man in the world. Right now, I think he's ranked at number 2 or 3 richest man in the world behind Carlos Slim and Bill Gates. Don't know who Carlos Slim is? He's the richest man now and you should read up on him. I bet you never even heard of him? Maybe you have. I'm really proud of him because he has some Lebanese blood in him and he's representing Lebanon. I'm half-Lebanese myself and we're really proud people.


But, I digress... The whole point of this article was to tell you about what I learned from my all nighter of internet marketing. Here's the most important thing you need to remember, if you want to be successful promoting/selling anything online/offline, you have to believe 100% in the product. It's so important to pick the right product(s) to promote otherwise you're setting yourself up for failure. You shouldn't be chasing the quick buck like I did. You will fail. You have to be focused on building a real business. Think long-term. Don't think about how you will make a couple of hundred dollars or thousands of dollars this month... Instead, think of how can you build a business that will continue to generate you lots of money for years to come! That's what I learned tonight. I also read on a forum that you should be focused on building a business that you could one day sell. I think that was on the Warrior Forum. By the way, the Warrior Forum is my personal favorite Internet Marketing forum. There are a lot of gems on there. So if you're interested in Internet Marketing, check it out. One thing to remember about learning from forums though is that it's super important not to spend all your time reading on forums... Instead you should be participating in the discussions, building relationships, and implementing what you are learning on there. Remember you're there to learn so you can ultimately make money. So you have to take action on what you're learning. Not just reading reading reading.


I say this because I have noticed that in the last couple of days I have been looking for the silver bullet in Internet Marketing on these forums. I've spent hours, days, weeks, months, even years on these forums looking for that 1 answer that will make me rich on the internet. Here's another bit of wisdom you can learn from me. That magic bullet does not exist! Sure, you will learn a lot on these forums and similar blogs and websites but ultimately, what you're looking for does not exist... If it does and you've found it, please leave me a comment and prove me wrong! But so far, after years of research, I haven't found it. This doesn't mean forums are a waste of time, you just need to learn your forum/reading/learning activities with your action time. TAKE ACTION!


To reinforce this idea and this is the second main point I want to make in this article is something Pat Flynn wrote: He wrote a simple 1 paragraph article one day on his blog where he said something along the lines of this: "I will not write a long blog post today because what I want you to do instead of reading a million blogs and forums is to take action on your business. Stop reading now, and take the action you need to take your business to the next level. Stop with the distractions and the noise and TAKE ACTION." I'm paraphrasing of course but it was really important for me to share that with you.


Thank you for reading. I wish you the best of luck. If you have a minute, please leave me a comment and share this article with others! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!