Setting up, and selling one's handmade goods through an Etsy storefront has become a booming business with so many players today. It is thus easy to face very tough competition at any one time. If not careful, you may find yourself out of business. Therefore, there is the need to ensure that you play smart at all times to, not only to stay in business, but also to reap big in returns. A number of things need to be taken into account if you are to stay in business. Consider them to help you reap the most competitive advantages in this highly competitive Etsy business environment.

Before getting some tips for your success, take note of the fact that it is possible to make it big in the Etsy business. Many people have grown into huge entities in this business and, with the right dedication and skill, you will be able to make it to that level as well. Consider the following tips:

Be Serious

Many people set up an Etsy business, moreso as a hobby, more than a serious source of income--at least initially. Because of this, they may not actually see the competition in the market or a need to grow in business. Take time to look at the returns that other serious players on Etsy are getting. Look at the most demanded goods and get your business focused in that direction. 

Invest your time in the business and ensure you grow strong before focusing on the competition. It is this dedication to business and ensuring that you provide quality all the time that will make you win the market's trust and stay at the top of business regardless of competition. The love of the customers is your way to the top of any business environment.

High Quality Marketing Positioning

True success on Etsy all starts with your business brand and all the services and products you offer. Position your business as a high quality oriented option for your customers and  clients. Let them get their answers provided professionally and with unbeaten professionalism. Make sure that the products you sell are well-advertised to them. Provide a resourceful photo gallery on your online site and let them be able to see the products very well to make them decide fast. A fast decision is important in ensuring that you get a high rate of purchases all the time.

Let the clients recognize your shop brand any time they see a labeled product or advert. Ensure that they can form that image of quality in their minds by always providing them the best services in the market. This matters so much in bringing you that reliable and trustworthy customer base.

Invest in photography and ensure too that your online store looks appealing and easy to operate. This will also increase the chances of complete purchasing and reduce the tendency of window shopping. The latter trend is brought by the inability of buyers to understand the product descriptions and other business terms.

Realistic Pricing

You need to know the exact and thus acceptable prices for the Etsy products. It is a common thing for people to price the products too high or too low. The former could drive customers to your competitor and the latter would bring your benefits down. Remember that in the spirit of pleasing your clients, there is the need to also earn well from the business to stay competitive. Many people have found themselves out of business for careless pricing of their goods. Be wise with your products and ensure that the prices are as good for the clients as they are for you.

In this light, you may need to carry out a market research and see the prices that would best work for you and still keep you in business. You may decide on a slightly lower rate for the clients to increase their purchases and thus bring your more income flow. That is how you are going to stay in business when the market environment is a very competitive one.

Know Your Market Segment

This is a strategic plan that will help you always get it right. Make sure that you know your clients and see their needs. You are able to see their wants and work towards getting them just that. A good way is by reading client reviews for various products in order to get the likes and dislikes of your clients. This is a reliable way of getting to give the market whatever it asks for. Satisfaction o the clients ensures that your business gains all the times in terms of sales. Within a short time, you are able to stay strong at the helm of the market.

Focus on a certain segment of the market and know what they like most and embark on it immediately. You will then be able to make them satisfied all the time they go to your Etsy shop. The chances of your getting a high rate of purchases become high thus keeping you strong at all times.


Depending on the type of store you own, there are several ways of marketing your business. If offline, you can use the media option among others. Online options will have you ensure a strong SEO plan for your business. That will enable your store to be accessible to the clients at all times. Make sure that it is Etsy convenient to increase the chance of people getting to your store. Google has got an Etsy convenience package for your marketing solutions. Embrace the social media and other advertising options. This is how you are going to succeed in your business as a higher traffic will be getting your way soon.

There you go! You will realize that for your business to succeed, a good strategic marketing plan has got to be in place. Take it as a serious business from the very start and you will be able to get to that. This approach will help you stay at the top of the market with constant updating of selling tactics and listening to your customers. This is how you are going to get a high profit from your business and subdue your competitors.