“A good one.” Common sense and logic should whisper to you this simple, yet sincere answer. Of course you want to strive and become the best nurse in the hospital you are going to work in has ever seen. But in the meantime, have you truly considered what specialization you should opt for? Let us throw a glance at your main options and see if you can decide today.
1. Neonatal nurse. As a neonatal nurse, you will work around newborns who are either born at a premature age or who are ill. You will monitor them and provide them with the care that they need in order to survive and get well. You will have to work with some really small medical instruments specially designed for newborns and you will have to be really detail-oriented.

PayScale salary: $78,790.  

2. Pedriatic Nurse. If you plan on becoming a children’s nurse, you should know that you will have to work around kids and their parents all the time; you will have to provide care to them and you will have a wide range of kids’ needs to address. Newborn and toddlers, teenagers, all of them will become your own patients, and you will have to comfort them when they cry or when they are in pain. Getting too emotional might be a turn off for this career, so make sure you can control yourself before deciding to work in a hospital, a daycare center or directly in a child’s home.

PayScale salary: $117,072.
3. Adult Nurse. You will have the opportunity to work with younger and older adults, offer them the care and counseling, comfort and teachings they need. You could be involved in 24-hour shifts or you could work in nursing homes, hospitals and clinics.

PayScale salary: $91,966.
4. Practice nurse. As a practice nurse, you will become a part of a team of physicians, dieticians and pharmacists and be involved in all sorts of tasks around a hospital or clinic.  You could also get some higher education and earn a managing position.

PayScale salary: $104,062.
5. Mental health nurse. You will be required to work together with psychologists and psychiatrists and provide special care for patients suffering from mental illnesses. You could be looking at some 24-hour shifts in some special units.

PayScale salary: $107,904.
6. District nurse. You will be required to visit patients of all ages and help them cope with the final stages of their lives (terminal illnesses patients) or help them recover from accidents or surgeries.

PayScale salary: $72,000.
7. Learning disability nurse. You will work together with these patients, families and the doctors to provide patients with the healthcare they need; maintain and improve their physical and mental health and support them at all times.

PayScale salary: $69,000.
8. Prison nurse. You could work as a prison nurse and be employed by a prison service or by the NHS and help prisoners who suffer from substance abuse and mental health issues; improve their conditions and decrease the rate of violence within prisons.

PayScale salary: $48,000.