Choosing a broadband plan can be a little overwhelming, there are just so many options available to you that deciding between them is more than confusing. The best way to choose a broadband plan is by looking at the value offered for a certain amount of data downloading. Plans come with either data caps or as unlimited. A data capped plan is usually cheaper, and comes in different sizes for different prices. It's worth remembering that plans also often have fair usage policies, so even though a plan may be called unlimited, and not have a data cap, there's a chance that the contract's fair usage policy will restrict you from downloading too much data at one time. If you're currently choosing a broadband plan, you may want to look at your internet habits to decide what kind of plan is right for you.


Basic Sizes

When looking at your internet use, it's worth while keeping in mind how much of your data limit certain activities will use. The following are general guidelines, and may vary depending on the actual size of files that you are downloading etc. In general, opening a web page uses just 10 KB of data. Watching streaming films or TV will cost you around 300-400 MB per hour. To download films will depend on the file format of the film itself. Usage varies from around 700 MB for an mp4 format film, to around 7 GB for a Blue-Ray format.

Light Users

If you only surf the internet for an hour or so every other day, and occasionally download a film or some music, you can save a lot on your internet bills. Surfing the net, sending emails and watching a streaming TV show or film every now and again isn't going to use a lot of data, so you can probably get away with a plan of around 5 GB or so a month, which will save you a lot of cash.

Medium Users

If you like to surf the internet for an hour or so every day, to download a few movies or albums, to watch streaming TV more than once a week or so for an hour, you're probably going to need a slightly higher limit. Between 10 and 15 GB is probably the best limit for you to have to avoid going over your limit and paying extra fees.

Heavy Users

Spending significant time surfing the net every day, as well as downloading films, software, online gaming or watching a lot of streaming TV uses a lot of data. You should be looking at a data cap around the 30 to 40 GB mark.

Unlimited Plans

As we mentioned above, unlimited plans are rarely as unlimited as they're advertised to be. However, you will get some pretty hefty usage out of them. If you're a really heavy internet user, and frequently even daily download things and have your computer more or less permanently switched on, then an unlimited plan might be for you. You'll avoid extra charges from going over your limit, and won't have to worry too much about limiting your internet usage.