So, you are going to a wedding and don't know what to wear. It can be overwhelming trying to find the right dress. You can start your search at stores like Ann Taylor and Banana Republic. Below are some tips to make your selection easier.

Guest or Attendant

If you are in the wedding party, then your work is easy; the bride has selected your dress. If you are the mother of either the bride or the groom, then in most cases it is customary to wear something that compliments the maid of honors dress. Mothers are normally warned not to wear black as it brings a gloomy feeling to the wedding, but more and more weddings are using the color as a more formal event, so it is becoming more popular.

Dress Formal

Regardless of the type of wedding, a wedding is a formal occasion. Choose a dress that is elegant, but not overly elaborate. If the invitation specifies Black Tie, then be sure to wear a longer gown that is appropriate for this type of event.

Don't Clash

If the wedding party is wearing red, then mauves and burgundies are going to clash. You don't have to match the party, but be respectful to the color scheme, especially if you are going to be in any of the wedding party pictures.

Be Respectful

Wearing a dress that shows off more leg than hemline might not be the best idea. You don't want to draw that much attention to yourself. If the wedding is during the day, something simple is recommended; in the evening, a nice gown or cute little sexy dress will do.

Don't Wear White

It is highly recommended that you do not wear white to the wedding. This color is reserved for the bride and the flower girl; it is distasteful for guests to wear white dresses or gowns. There are times when the mother of the bride will wear a white gown, but rarely will you see a guest wearing one and there is a reason for this; it is frowned upon.

Keep your attire simple and elegant, without the flash.