Looking into getting a new mobile phone? Then you've probably got plenty of questions about what's the right kind of phone to buy. Today we're looking at the answers to all those questions, from what are the minimum specs you should be looking for to whether you should look at dual SIM phones. So before you go shopping, read on to get all the info you need to make a good decision.

What are the Minimum Specs for a Smart Phone These Days?

The world of mobile tech moves so fast that the chances are that minimum specs have moved on a little since the last time you went phone shopping. Nowadays there are a few things that you should be looking for. Look at screens that are at least 4.5 inches, that's really the smallest size for comfortable on screen typing as well as good video watching. You'll need a processor of around 1.5 GHz (or 1500 MHz) to really get the kinds of speeds that you're looking for in a phone, as well as RAM of around 1 GB to make your phone responsive and stop it lagging or crashing with new software. Your camera specs should be around 8 MP, and you'll want around 16 GB of internal memory. These should be the minimum things that you're looking for on a good smart phone, and most decent phones will meet these standards and exceed them.

What's 4G and Do I Need It?

4G is the newest tech in mobile internet. It promises much faster speeds than older 3G mobile internet technology. This means that streaming video will be smoother and downloads will be faster. It will also make your phone more suitable for online gaming. It's certainly a nice thing to have, but it's not a necessity. You will need to make sure that you can connect to a 4G network before buying a 4G capable phone. Many operators don't yet have full 4G packages, and many areas of the UK don't have any access to 4G at all. If you want fast internet, you should consider 4G, but do make sure that you get access before spending extra money on a feature that you might not be able to use.

What are Dual SIM Phones, and Should I Buy One?

Dual SIM phones are exactly what they sound like, a phone that will simultaneously run two SIM cards. There are a few reasons that people buy dual SIM phones. Firstly, people who are forced to have both a business number and a personal number often get a dual SIM phone, since it means that they won't have to carry two separate phones around with them. Frequent travellers also sometimes buy a dual SIM phone, since it means that they can use their home SIM card at the same time as a local SIM card, letting them save on mobile roaming charges but still receive their messages and calls from home. Whether or not you need a dual SIM phone really depends on whether or not you need two SIM cards. It's worth remembering that dual SIM mobiles do tend to be a little expensive and not quite as highly features as regular mobiles.

What's All this Smart Screen Business About?

The original smart screen phones were basically phones that used the devices front facing camera to detect when your eyes were looking at the screen. The phone then stops itself from switching the screen off and going to sleep while you're looking at it, even if it receives no other input. Newer smart screens use the same technique to track the movement of your eyes and scroll down pages automatically as you're reading them. Smart screens are pretty cool, but they're not really a necessary feature on a phone.

Should I Get All That Extra Internal Memory?

Memory on phones is just getting bigger and bigger. 32 GB is pretty normal for a high end phone nowadays, and we're seeing more and more 64 GB models. Whether or not you need that memory is really up to you; if you want to keep your whole music collection and thousands of photos on your phone, then maybe you need it. But additional memory adds quite a lot to the price of a phone, and there are other options that may save you money. If you look for a phone that has a Micro SD slot then you'll be able to increase your phone's memory by buying a cheap SD memory card from an electronics retailer. Alternatively, you could do what more and more people are doing these days and store your data on the cloud. Using services like Drop Box you can store everything you need online, and then just access it using your phone's internet connection when you need it. In general, it's really not worth paying all that extra money for extra memory.

What are the Best Phone Models on the Market?

The best phone is somewhat of a subjective question, since it depends on what you're looking for. If you're talking about the top, high features phones, then the big three right not are the Samsung Galaxy S 4, the Blackberry Z10 and the Sony Xperia Z. When it comes to middle of the market phones the best deal on a great hand set is probably the LG Nexus 4, or maybe the Samsung Galaxy S III. For budget phone shoppers, the best budget smart phone right now is the Huawei Ascend W1, which retails for just a hundred pounds. The mobile market does move quickly though, with new models being released nearly every week, so these top picks are liable to change in the near future. Really, the best phone is going to be the one that meets your needs at the right price. But if you're looking for good, reliable brands that tend to make great phones then you should be looking at Samsung, HTC, Sony and Apple.