When you're planning a hiking trip having the right equipment is important. More than that, having the right equipment is essential. Without it, you could face big problems. One of the most important pieces of equipment that you need but may not have thought of are hiking gloves. These are just what they sound like; gloves that you use for hiking. They can be of many different types of material and many different styles. They also have many different purposes.

Why Use Hiking Gloves?

Hiking gloves are great for someone that uses poles when they hike. This is because they will protect your hand from the pole. This means that you will be able to walk faster and better because your hands will not slip on the pole and they won't become chapped or raw from the roughness of the pole. If you are hiking in an area with high wind or cool temperatures gloves will protect your hands from chapping this way as well. You don't want to leave your hands exposed to the elements for this very reason.

Heavyweight Hiking Gloves

Now as we said they come in many different types. One type you can get are the heavy winter ones. These resemble the kind used for skiing and have thick padding all around as well as heavy rubber on the palm for better grip. If you are going hiking in cold weather then these will be perfect for you however if you are going out in the summer you will not want something so warm.

Medium Weight Hiking Gloves      

If you plan to go out hiking in the summer time you want to be sure you still have gloves but you don't want them to be heavy. Instead you want something that is going to be lighter weight and still protect your hands. There are many different options for this. In fact, different people use many different lighter versions. Some of the more medium weight options are ones used by mechanics or made from leather. Of course there are genuine hiking versions available at this same level of warmth. These medium gloves cover your entire hand and are moderately thick though not as much as winter types.

Lightweight Hiking Gloves  

Most official hiking gloves fit into the heavy to medium weight category, which means that if you want something light and cool you may have to search hard or you may have to choose something made for another purpose that will work just as well. Some of the best for this are thin knit or fingerless versions which are made of lighter materials. These will all protect your hands while keeping you from sweating or getting overly warm.


Hiking gloves may not seem like an important part of your hiking equipment. But especially if you are going to be using poles, and even if you aren't, they are actually very useful. Choosing the best weight and style that works for you is the most important thing and this will help you to perform even better while protecting your hands from the elements. So find the right type for the next time you go hiking.