Businesses That Can Benefit from Insulated Shipping Boxes

Insulated shipping boxes are special forms of packaging designed to transport perishable goods or medical supplies; basically anything that needs to remain chilled in order to show up in good shape. Companies and businesses that make their livelihood by producing cold or perishable goods like food, ice cream, medicine or medical supplies have been able to dramatically expand their businesses by using insulated shipping boxes to effectively broaden the circle within which they can do business and make money. If you own a business that manufactures and sells perishable goods like milk, dairy products, ice cream, popsicles, medical supplies, medicines for humans or animals or special cultures for use in making other perishable food products, you should try shipping your goods with a combination of dry ice or ice packs and insulated shipping boxes. The amount of additional revenue you can generate when you expand the reach of your customer base can be game changing. Many established carriers already have methods and means of accommodating perishable goods that are properly packaged in insulated shipping boxes. Depending on the nature of the perishable product you are trying to ship, the process can be as simple as packing it inside the styrofoam container along with cold packs, sealing it up in an outer cardboard box and shipping it overnight.

What Kinds of Insulated Boxes are Available for Shipping Perishable Goods?

Luckily for business owners and individuals that have cause to ship perishable goods, there are a couple of different options available in the way of insulated shipping boxes.

Specially Lined Carboard Boxes with Gel Packs:

One of the options you have when shipping temperature sensitive materials with insulated shpping boxes is boxes that are lined with special reflective surfaces. These boxes are usually only as heavy as normal cardboard boxes, their lining doesn't add any weight to the overall container. You use these lined cardboard boxes in conjunction with cold gel packs, which you pack around your perishable goods.

Cold gel packs usually need to be frozen overnight in order to be effective in maintaining low temperatures throughout your package, so make sure you are prepared for the coming day's orders by freezing extra gel packs if you choose to use lined cardboard boxes to ship your perishable goods. Gel packs will serve a dual purpose if you use these thin lined carboard containers as your insulated shipping boxes: you can use your gel packs to physically secure your load in place, ensuring it won't shift around excessively during transit.

Special Two Layer Insulated Shipping Boxes - Foam and Cardboard Working Together

Another popular design of insulated shippers is a combination between a high density styrofoam cooler and a regular cardboard box. The styrofoam cooler serves the purpose of keeping your perishable goods within their critical temperature range, while the outer cardboard box protects both the fragile styrofoam cooler and the goods inside from crushing, puncturing and dropping damage. You can pack up your temperature sensitive product inside the center of your styrofoam cooler along with plenty of dry ice or gel packs. Unless you want to put your styrofoam cooler inside an entire additional layer of plastic to retain any leakage, it's recommended you stick with frozen gel packs as your internal coolant, as they are far less likely to make a huge mess .