We are going to travel back in time. Back before cell phones or computers… Back before cars were even invented… Back to the time of desperation and strife…The American Revolution. The American Revolution is not like any other revolution. It was the one that gave the first spark of freedom to settlers…the one that stood out from the others, the one that proved that Britain wasn’t the most powerful nation. It is 1775 now, and the revolution has already started its rage.


Now to fit in the revolution, you’re going to need to dress like an American settler. If you’re a boy, then you’re going to have to wear a tricorn hat, some breeches, and long knee high stockings of wool. If you’re a girl, then you’re going to have to wear a mop cap, tucker, an apron, or a gown that falls to the ground. Unfortunately, only I have a hat. You are also going to need a house to live in. Most colonists lived in a house that looked like the one on the screen. Now you are ready to experience what life what like during the American Revolution.


From your house window, you see green hills of grass. But something…or someone disrupts the hills. The hills are crawling with British redcoats! But a team of soldier settlers comes to fight them off. The constant gunshots blast your eardrums with incredible sound and force. You cover your ears to block the sound, but the fight is still exciting from sight. Cannons are loaded and fired. Gunners run from rock to rock. Although you cannot hear the clashing of the bayonets, you know that someone out there is being hurt and or injured with one. Your heart drops when one of your family members slams the door and races out into the clatter to fight. You hear a gunshot. He or she falls to the ground…wounded. The redcoats cleared the area with smug smiles on their faces. But the war continues…


 In order to fight, soldiers need to have tools for military use. These dangerous tools are called weapons. In the revolutionary war, there were no tanks or machine guns. A soldier’s selection of gun was only a rifle, a musket, or a pistol. A rifle could shoot longer but took more time to load. Most didn’t choose the rifle because it was heavy and big. The musket was like a rifle but shorter and lighter, but not accurate. Most soldiers chose this out of the three. A pistol was for short range. They also had cannons


Giant cannons were not cheap, especially in the American Revolution. Other weapons and resources weren’t so cheap either. This caused a major problem. There wasn’t enough gold circulating in the colonies to pay for the war. Gold was hard to come by after most of it was spent. And now I want you to imagine, was it hard to live with a very low budget? Of course you all were thinking YES! The government confronted this setback with what is commonly known as the paper dollar. This new type of money was created to replace gold. Unfortunately, this created even more problems! Because there was so much paper dollars then, inflation started to set into the scene. At its worst, one paper dollar was only worth 1/900 of a gold dollar! People copied this new money quite easily even though the punishment was death for conterfeit. Some soldiers refused to be paid with paper money. The phrase Shin blasters spread around the colonies because people thought paper money was only good for using as a bandage for skinned shins. But sooner or later, paper money started to gain its value.


We are going to step away from the city and enter the life of an amazing woman who owned upholstery during the American Revolution. This woman, Betsy Ross, created the guideline of the flag that today more than 300 million people look up to. She had made flag after flag for fifty years. Before Ross’ flag, the United States used many other different flags to use to stand up and protest to the British.  George Washington felt that the colonies needed one single flag. He came to Betsy Ross to create this new flag. Then finally in 1776, at the end of the revolution, the new flag was made. In 1777, George Washington declared it to be the U.S. flag. But as more states joined the Union, the 13 stars on the flag became outdated. So later when 50 states were declared into the Union, they made a 50 star flag.


Of course, inventions were being created all the time. These are some of the major ones. The first submarine ever created was named The Turtle. The turtle was a one man propelled sub with an unusual acorn shape. This invention was made for one purpose. To attack the British ship, the HMS Eagle. Armed with a 100 pound bomb, Sergeant Ezra Lee propelled the submarine to the ship to lock the bomb on and scuttle away for devastation.  But the wooden screw couldn’t lock the bomb onto to the ship. So Lee dropped the heavy bomb and drove away. One hour later the bomb was detonated and a giant spurt of water shot through the HMS Eagle and forced the British to retreat. In 1783, George Washington sensed that those that fought in the war should have some reward. So he rewarded wounded soldiers from the revolutionary war. Although it was made after the war, they were still awarded. Even today, the Purple Heart is awarded to soldiers.