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Are you wondering what makes a man fall in love and commit? If you are feeling frustrated by the poor response that you have been receiving from your boyfriend, and then you must consider taking your relationship to a new level. This is easy! You can easily master the art of getting him to fall in love with you and commit to you. Here's how you can do it.

1. Realize whether He's looking for marriage or just a fling…A significant aspect to understand is do you and your partner both want the same things? Keep in mind, a relationship is not just about you or him. You must communicate your priorities and find out if both of you desire the same thing. If he is not quite in the same space within the relationship as you are in, you might want to be patient with him and wait for your boyfriend to come up to your level of feelings.

When he notices your patience and appreciates it, then you will really be on your way to effectively make him fall in love with you. A relationship based on friendship has a far better chance of going long term. Although, it may take longer to get going if you are in it for the long run, you must first focus on your friendship. After a while, he will start adoring you, chasing you, loving you and also commit to you.

2. The truth about what kind of Woman do Men adore…Men have a competitive instinct. They truly do love the thrill they get by competing, even if he has to just compete with your girlfriends. While they are busy trying to get you to fall in love with them, they in reality are falling in love with you. Also, men often fall in love with women who offer resistance. Having said that, do not move into his place or see him every day.

Twice or three times a week, is fine. Keep a life outside of your relationship and be happy about it. This is extremely attractive to men and this is exactly what will make your man fall for you. By learning to trigger your boyfriend's emotional attraction, you can make your man commit to you.

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3. Effective ways to make Him commit…Man fall for women when they feel emotional attraction towards you. This attraction will grow if you offer some resistance. Your boyfriend needs to miss you, recall memories and think about you. These things will play on his emotions since men essentially aren't emotional creatures by nature. Make him realize that you are an asset to him and that being committed to you is far better than not being committed to you.

Let him see the ways in which you make a difference to his life. If he doesn't see them, then he may take you for granted. If you stop doing them, he will quickly figure out that he wants you around and this relationship is highly beneficial to him.

what makes a man fall in love and stay in loveCredit: www.scientificamerican.com4. Look out for the signs He wants to marry you…Does he long to be with you when you aren't around? Does he replay the time spent with you over and over again in his mind? Have you heard your boyfriend say to you, “I cannot stop thinking about you". In case you have heard him say this, it is an indication of a start of your boyfriend feel a strong emotional attraction for you.

Always keep in mind that it takes equal efforts to build a successful relationship and that a single individual must never have to do all the work. If you are being taken for granted, then you must back off a bit in the efforts that you carry out for your partner. You deserve to be loved and appreciated.

Remember, relationship is not about playing games. By simply sitting down and talking to each other, you could eliminate a lot of heartache and unwanted drama. So what exactly makes a man fall in love and commit? Most importantly, be caring, patient and an honest friend to him. This is the real secret on how you can make your boyfriend want you and want to commit.