Bear Baiting

True trashy television such as The Jeremy Kyle Show tends to get a bad reputation for its content. A judge even once described it as little more than human bear baiting. Despite fashion television shows being just as bad, they somehow escape the ire of the general public and the media.

In fairness to fashion programmes, they are not talking about who or who isn’t the father to a child, accusing people of being drug addicts or of burgling their own family, but they still have a lot to answer for.

What factors make fashion television so awful?

The Shallow Factor

Probably the biggest issue with fashion television is the emphasis that it places on looks. Okay, so style is all about looking great, but when the likes of Trinny and Susannah are coming up with lines such as “you don’t have the face to dress badly and get away with it,” is that actually achieving anything?

They are presented as a light-hearted type of show but what do they do for the confidence of the people who are participating in the show? Even the likes of Gok Wan’s How to Look Good Naked goes beyond the pale – if people need confidence in how they look, how on Earth does putting a picture of someone in their underwear in the town centre help?!

Men: Fair Game

There still remains a weird anomaly in society that, despite equality and lots of other politically correct mantras being used, men are still fair game when it comes to how they look. It doesn’t matter that a person is a quivering wreck and is getting a strip torn off them for how they look, because he’s a man.

This is a ludicrous assertion yet remains the basis behind a number of popular fashion shows.

Here and Now

Cookery television shows have gained themselves a bit of a bad reputation, too, but at least they are consistent. After all, the recipe for pancakes or crème brulee isn’t going to change anytime soon, is it. Fashion television allows you to go along and get dressed in great clothes by the presenters, in things that will be out of fashion in six months’ time.

What kind of proposition is that? Come along, we’ll mock you for a while, then dress you up so you look good now, and then mock you again when you are unfashionable in six months!

Unfortunately, people still watch this rubbish so they’ll continue to be made – maybe one day a fashion programme will actually achieve something.