Zombies make for the best movie monsters. They are ugly, smelly, rotting undead things, and I love Zombie Moviesthem. Here are a couple of reasons why:

Zombies never stop. They are like hundreds of terminators. They do not feel pain, hunger, remorse, they never get tired, they just keep coming. Nothing short of destroying their brains will stop them. The problem is that even if you destroy a zombies brain, there are usually several hundred more right behind them, that's what zombie movies are all about.

Zombies are everyone. You don't have to be specially selected like vampires, where they only turn the coolest people into undead because they have to live with them for the next several hundred years. You don't have to piss off some gypsy like a werewolf. No need to be a brilliant scientist and concoct some potion or be exposed to radiation from outer space. Nope, you just need to be bit by a zombie, and zombies are indiscriminate. They will bite anyone and everyone, a equal opportunity ghoul. So zombies come in all shape and sizes, all careers, ages and races. Hundreds of them, family, neighbors, police, soldiers anyone and everyone.

Zombies are not bad. They have no thoughts or emotions, just hunger and instinct. There in no inherent malice in a zombie. In spite of their lack of evil intent you can kill them guilt-free because they are already dead - they are just moving about, that's all.

I guess it's the constant threat from zombies that makes them so scary. Daylight, nightime, hallowed ground or not, you are never safe from them. You never know when the person next to you might become one too. There is just no escaping zombies.

I hope all this talk of zombies has put you in a zombie mood. Check out the Best Zombie Movies, and watch an old favorite or discover a new treat.