If you are a parent, chances are that you care very much about the quality of your children's education and you desire the very best for them. It is likely that you have looked into private schools, charter schools, or perhaps even private tutoring, but have you ever considered homeschooling? Although it certainly is not an educational method that is possible or suitable for everybody, it can have a variety of advantages that you have never considered.

First of all, it offers tremendous flexibility. You can choose your own curriculum, academic calendar, day-to-day schedule, and areas of concentration. Your children will need to complete a list of standard academic requirements, but the requirements can be fulfilled in a variety of ways. For example, history credit can be awarded for children going to a history museum. Or physical education credit can be awarded for children taking swim lessons. Since families who educate at home create their own schedules, they can take vacations when it is most convenient for them and not just whenever traditional school is out. If you have a family emergency come up or if a child gets sick, no worries. The schedule is flexible if children learn at home.

Another advantage is that it allows students to progress at rates that are best for them. They don not have to wait for others to catch up to their level if they understand a concept quickly or be rushed if they are struggling with a particular subject. They can move at an entirely custom pace, which is unheard of in a traditional school environment.

Home education can help families develop strong ties because siblings interact very regularly and closely with each other and with their parents. Also, since students work a lot with their parents, they typically feel comfortable interacting with adults and tend to be more mature at an earlier age. Homeschooling can help prevent much of the drama that often occurs in traditional institutions such as bullying and peer pressure since it shields children from such influences.

Affordability is another excellent reason to consider educating your children at home. The cost is remarkably low. According to studies, the average cost of homeschooling is $900 a year. More information about the costs can be found on the HSLDA website. If you are considering this unique method of education, I recommend reading as much as you can about it and finding a local support group. Homeschooling is a flexible, customizable, family-oriented, affordable option, and it just may be the best educational decision you ever make.