Official NFL Jackets are Toasty Warm

The Secret to NFL Jackets' Supreme Warmth

NFL Jackets are supremely warm and toasty, thanks to their specialized design. The secret to these famous pieces of football apparel being so toasty warm is their two-layered approach to keeping their wearers warm and dry on the sidelines. The outermost layer of your NFL jacket feels rough and durable, like a parachute or protective vinyl covering. This first layer of the NFL jacket is designed to repel the wind and keep hard cold rains out, because they drier you stay on the inside the easier it is for your retained body heat to keep you warm. NFL jackets are made with real football fans in mind - the kind of fans that will attend any and every home game no matter how bitter cold, windy or wet it might be. With the outer layer of NFL jackets keeping out the moisture and wind, the inner layers are free to do what they do best - keeping your body heat from escaping and holding it close against your torso and vitals so you feel toasty warm throughout the football game.

The Perfect NFL Jacket for Every Football Fan

Let's face it. Official NFL jackets aren't just bought and treasured because of their warmth. The best thing about official NFL jackets from a football fan's perspective is that they are directly licensed by the National Football League itself. Forget wonky rip-offs that have glaring mistakes in their needlework and logos - official NFL jackets are the real deal. That means that when you're wearing your favorite football team's NFL jacket, you're sporting the exact same logo as your favorite football players on the field. NFL Jackets will usually feature an oversized football team's logo directly on the chest, with specially stylized writing on the front and back that says the team's name and their home city. The latest edition of NFL jackets feature aggressive and swooping logos. Depending on the football team they represent, NFL jackets might feature blazing footballs or bold block lettering. Many football fans have been positive about the new oversized football team logos and fiery accents. Best of all, no matter which football team is your personal favorite, you can find an official NFL jacket featuring your team's logo. A key element of any super football fan's cheering equipment is their own set of NFL logo'd jacket and accessories.

Official NFL Accessories that Compliment NFL Jackets

Once you've gotten your sweaty mitts on your own NFL jacket, you might be wondering which official NFL accessories are the best ones to complete your ensemble. NFL hats are a popular choice for football fans that already have their warm outer layers figured out. NFL hats are available in two major styles, the traditional baseball caps that instead have football team logos sewn into the front, and comfy beanie hats that you can pull down over your forehead and ears to keep your head warm during particularly blustery winter football games. NFL hats can nicely compliment your NFL jacket because they'll also sport your favorite team's colors and logo. The real question is which kind of NFL hats you will find most comfortable. Many people like the warmth of the knit or fleece NFL beanie hats, but find that they can get scratchy against your skin after being worn and sweated in for a few hours. You can opt for the baseball cap style NFL hats if you prefer their fit, but your ears might get cold after a couple hours of cheering out in the wind and snow. If that's the case, you can always go for the final yards and get yourself a set of NFL earwarmers! NFL jackets are always the best place to start because you can find NFL jackets for deep discounts right after the cold winter season ends. If you plan a little ahead and buy yourself and your family NFL jackets for the next season, you will save a bundle and be bundled up in style come next winter!