A Phoenix advertising agency is a company which works on many of the different aspects involved with a wide variety of advertising campaigns. Most will perform market research, establish a brand strategy for their clients, and produce ads to be placed in a variety of media outlets. While some agencies are considered “full-service” others tend to specialize in one or two areas described above. 

The full-service agencies usually have plenty of resources which allow them to take care of every need their clients may require. If one's business demands such attention across the spectrum, the consideration of one of these full-service ad agencies should be at the top of the list. These types of agencies consist of a number of departments all working cooperatively to create campaigns which will promote their clients products, services and/or brands. The types of departments which are generally involved in such production tend to include the management of the account, researching relevant data and information the creative teams require, those creative services departments, as well as a wide range of media services. 

Keeping track of things between the various departments and the clients they serve is the responsibility of the account managers. Most direct client contact occurs between the client and this department. The better the communication, the more likely there is to be a clear understanding of how the client's business operates and their desired advertising goals. Account managers bring that information and knowledge back to the advertising agency and convey it to the various internal departments. This process provides the team with the ability to create the proposals and subsequently the actual campaigns which will hopefully satisfy the client's desires as well as help make the agency a profitable venture. 

Many consider the research department as one of the most important internal components of the Phoenix advertising agency. Once a client has been signed to the agency, research gets to work analyzing market trends and sales data of their new client and the industry and niche the client's company currently competes within. A number of channels for research are used including focus groups, online data mining, performing on-site research at the client's place of business and others. The competition is also included in the research performed in order to present the creative departments with adequate information regarding the playing field they are up against. This research can then be manipulated to help decide how to best market products and services and whether or not the best target audience is being sought for influence. 

The first major milestone the ad agency must overcome is to provide adequate clarification of their new client's needs and to discern how to best market a product/service. A number of experimental approaches to developing advertisements and marketing angles are now in the hands of the creative department. Some forms might include filmed commercials, animated spots or print campaigns with photos of still images portraying the client's brand. Increasingly, there is a blending of various techniques by the creatives to produce new and exciting advertisements which will gain favor in the eye the targeted consumer. 

Once the creative team finishes its work, media services step in and attempt to get the ads placed in appropriate channels. One of the key elements of working in media services is making the purchase of space where ads can be seen. Whether it is radio or television, print ads in newspapers or magazines, or increasingly taking ad creatives online to the Internet, having a firm grasp on what is most appropriate for the client's business and where their targeted customers are likely to be found all comes to the media placement professionals. Of course, staying within the stated budget of the client can often be limiting factors in ad placement, so the media services department often finds creative ways to get the ads in front of the prospective customers. 

If one is looking for a full-service Phoenix advertising agency, be aware that not all agencies provide the full range of services which might be required by the company. There are a number of very qualified companies specializing only in certain aspects of the production process. A number of houses are only populated by creative services while there are others focusing on the relatively complex action of buying media in the best fashion possible. 

If one's company has decided to undertake some percentage of the advertising and marketing process in-house, then consideration of these types of specialty firms can make the most sense for the remainder of their marketing and advertising budget.