Magical mascaras are a perfect mix of both brush and formula, one without the other does you no good.

Shopping for mascara can be an intimidating process. With words like nourishing, healthy, false lash effect, extra volumizing, lengthening, and more it can be confusing to figure out which is your best choice. Pricing for mascara varies widely, too, so you might wonder if mascara that is more expensive is better. The answer to these questions begins with understanding what is important in mascara. The brush and the formula are equally important but why and how does this affect your choice.


Mascara brushes do all the work in applying the product. Whether the brush is made with bristles or combs, plastic or fibers, the way it is made is vital to a good product. The formula can be amazing, but if you cannot get it on your lashes in a way that works well for you it is not worth anything. Brushes can lead to clumping if the design is poor, or they can give a mix of volume and definition that creates your favorite mascara. If you prefer a clean lengthened lash, look for a brush that is more like a comb and looks less like a pipe cleaner. Brushes that are bushier and look like “spoolies” are great for delivering volumized lashes. The bottom line is mascara is dependent on both the quality and type of brush and the formula.


Without the mascara formula there is nothing for the perfect mascara brush to apply. The formula is as important as the brush used to apply it, but what makes a perfect mascara formula is subject to debate. Some beauty fans prefer a mascara formula that is thicker and more gel-like to add shine and volume to their lashes, but those who want a subtle lash look probably want the opposite. For a more subtle look, you want a formula that is more matte and lightweight because that will coat the lashes but not make them stand out and look flashy compared to normal bare lashes. Look for the words used to describe the mascara to guide you to which formula will be best for you. Most makeup companies clearly package their products to describe what the products are intended to do so just use the descriptions as your guide.

Miscellaneous Qualities

Aspects like scent, packaging and pricing are all miscellaneous qualities that can make or break mascara. The Lancôme Definicils Precious Cells Mascara has a distinctive scent that has made some people turn down the product because they cannot stand it. Some mascaras have brush handles that are challenging to hold especially when they are in travel or sample sizes. With a brush handle that you cannot manipulate easily with your dominant hand, you are left with mascara that is impossible to use correctly. If you have specific needs, like a longer mascara wand, or one that works well for people with arthritic hands, read into review of the products closely and learn as much as you can about the mascaras you are considering.