If you are working in the sales industry, you are competitive by nature. Salespeople compete for the consumer's attention and are usually driven by money, incentives, and so on. Although having a must-win attitude and the necessary competitive drive is essential, there are other important traits that can lead to success. Here is a list of traits which are usually observed in successful salespeople that sets them apart from the rest.

Listening Skills

Not a lot of people think that good listening skills are necessary in the sales and marketing field; however, this is one of the vital traits that a salesperson must have. Most salespeople have their sales pitch ready and they try to deliver their pre-planned pitch without even taking the time to listen and address their client's comments and concerns. This eventually leads to lost opportunities.

To be a great salesperson, you have to be prepared to listen to what your client wants to share with you. In addition, you also have to prepare some questions for your customers. These questions must depend on the type of client you have. Additionally, asking relevant questions can keep you calm and can get your client engaged right from the start.


You must be honest, trustworthy, and consistent in everything you do. If the customer cannot trust you, he or she isn't going to buy anything from you. If you are not consistent with your actions or you fail to deliver what you have promised, the client will lose their faith in you; thus resulting to business losses.


This trait is associated with the salesperson's integrity. If you say you are going to do something then you better deliver. A great salesperson makes promises and fulfills those promises. Those who can deliver more than what is expected of them will make better impressions. In addition, you also have to realize that customers want to feel that they are guided through the buying process. They want to feel that the salesperson have their best interest in mind. For this reason, it is advisable to stay in touch with your clients by making courtesy check-in calls and respond swiftly to their requests. It is also a good idea to anticipate their needs before being asked.


In sales, this means being prepared. Successful salespeople are always prepared to answer any questions that the client might have, and they are prepared to explain what the product is and its benefits. They will also simplify the paperwork necessary, explain it and bring up certain issues that the clients haven't considered.