One of the most effective ways of connecting to your target audience is through well-crafted and efficient emails. Email marketing software is an effective tool that provides you with better contact management, well-developed campaigns, and regular supervision of results. Whether it is your purpose to distribute newsletter, campaign materials, emails, and other correspondence, email marketing software will assist you completing these tasks in the most effective manner.

This software is complete with design features that will help you develop a successful email. Through this software, it is possible to bring in HTML pages that you have already crafted or you can choose to utilize one of the templates to develop another design. You can enhance your email by adding pictures, attachments, and additional images on the background. Some software even lets you add sound files to make a really attractive email.

Some of the most effective email marketing software readily provides an unsubscribe/subscribe button and keep tab on the number of subscribers and those who have opted to be removed from the list. Excellent bulk email software furnishes information such as the number of emails that were sent successfully and those that bounced back, the number of emails that are officially opened, and many more. These impressive features can be found in iContact.

What is iContact?

It is the goal of iContact to provide a straightforward, user friendly and effective email marketing software to aid emergent businesses in their email needs. iContact offers online solution that is deemed the best among its competitors. It stands out from the rest by creating insightful and impressive email campaign, powerful reporting functions, some effective additional features and an online community.

iContact assists you in your email campaign by providing three easy-to-follow steps. This software was designed to cater to novices who are fairly new to the concept. Some of its outstanding qualities include the option to start surveys, and an auto responder to get back to your customers as quickly as possible. All in all, iContact offers the best services in the field although their clients will benefit more if they will up their reporting features by integrating conversion tracking and Google analytics.

Basic Features of iContact

These features enable iContact to be effective and popular among businesses. Its survey ability is one of its most ingenious features. With this, you can produce custom surveys, send them out, and control the results. This allows you to have an efficient communication venue for you and your clients so you can gain valuable feedback. The auto responder is another smart feature that enables you to disperse automatic messages at a prearranged period. You only have to set the messages at a specific time, and the auto responder feature will take care of your messages and send them to appropriate contacts. It is the goal of the auto responder to let you stay in contact with your clients and to have your brand stamped in their minds.

Another clever feature of iContact is the SPAM test feature. Before an email campaign is sent out, it goes through the system to examine the subject line and subject matter of your email to gauge the message’s possibility of winding up in your contact’s spam box. This SpamCheck feature keeps you from spending unnecessary resources on a task that is not going to pay up in the end. In short, it saves you time and energy by making sure that your hard work will achieve results.

Using iContact, you can set up pseudonyms and send email campaigns to targeted demographics and audience. For instance, you want to reach out to your clients that are of specific age bracket, you can group these people together and send a customized email to them. You can also filter and create list for messages based on your own criteria, standard fields, and custom fields you want to subdivide.

iContact Campaign Creation and Reporting

Through the software’s step-by-step process, it is easy to produce an email campaign. To get started, click on the “Create” tab. You will be presented with options on how you want your email or survey to turn out. You can utilize a web page, import HTML pages, plain text, or make use of the various prepared templates. The whole process is easy to accomplish and there’s a preview feature to let you take a look at your creation. You can also save a draft if you want to get back to it later.

Its collection of templates is one of the largest and most varied out of all email marketing software available. It boasts of over 300 template options so you will never run out of ideas on how to make your message acquire a professional look even if you are not completely acquainted with HTML code.

iContact also allows you to create messages from a specific website, no matter what kind of server it is. Modify the page by adding hyperlinks, pictures, tables, and other formats that can make the page look impressive. The only drawback is its storage capacity. It can only store 500KB of image hosting. Although this is enough for a few logos and images, this space can be used up pretty easily

The reporting features are kept in the “Tracking” tab and the “welcome” button holds all your emails for immediate access. The software gives an account on actual click-throughs, sent messages, forwarded emails, successfully delivered messages, and those who have unsubscribed and the emails that have bounced back. This feature is very meticulous and definitely valuable. It conveniently lets you monitor all kinds of reports and statistics through its efficient tables and charts. It lets you transfer data to other programs and assists you in tracking how well your campaigns did.

iContact Customer Support

iContact provides an excellent customer support as well as comprehensive tutorials. Aside from that, it also offers webinars, informative articles, and all sorts of resources such as blog and newsletters from the company. You can reach their customer support through phone, via email, and over live chat. One of the best things about iChat that is missing in other service providers is their online community. By joining the community, you increase your chances of distributing contents to a larger number of people. You can create blogs and publish newsletters within the community, and boost contacts and subscribers in the process.