S0 I thought to maybe give some information on what goes on in the head of the guy you may want. First lets start by saying this is just a very blunt, straight foward piece. So take from it what you may.

Now I can tell you that most women think that most guys just think with their you know what. Well you know what, you right. Most of us do. The initial attraction for a male is obviously physical. So yes sex is one of the first things on his mind. If he isn't attracted to you, he wont be that interested in you. I'm not saying dress like your available for a certain price. My theory and what appeals to me the most. Keep it Sexy but classy. Kind of like show but don't tell if you get my drift. If you can make him wonder than your on the right path. You don't want to come off as desperate though.

Throwing yourself at a guy might get you into his pants early and often if your good, but it wont keep him around as long as you may like. He will think wow shes great in bed, but I cant take her home to mom. I don't know who else she has done this with.

Men have a sense of wanting to feel needed. That good ol "can you open this jar for me please" bit. Let him feel like a man, He will think he's in control even if he's not. We wear the clothes we wear, buy the things we buy(some not all) to give off a certain status that may be appealing to certain women. Mostly women that are more attractive to material things and will do everything that she can to keep him.

Men like women who are very, hold on let me stress this VERY open with their sexuality. They are also very open to doing just about anything. If you limit yourself, you may lose him early. What normally happens is you wont do it, but this woman over here will.

Ok I wanna touch this subject really quick. Photos,Videos,anything that you visually give him to have "for his eyes only". Will never be for his eyes only, sorry. If your really a crowd pleaser, he will definitely be anxious to share with his buddies the goods you have on you. So if your comfortable with yourself it wont matter.

If you didn't notice, guys may be more insecure than you are believe it or not. There are a lot of insecure men out there and they will do everything in their power to keep you unnoticed, untouched, and all to themselves. If he's asking you way too many questions about you and your girls going out. Beware, that can become a bigger problem later on.

Now Yes you may be our number 1 girl, but we are always going to look at other women no matter what. So my suggestion, GET OVER IT. Sorry dont mean to yell but seriously I dont have an explanation for it. Its like a genetic coding or something we have. We are always going to look at other women and desire them sexually. It is what it is. Save yourself the headache and just know its human nature.

I've never had a problem with my woman looking at another man as long as it wasn't blatant and obvious. To me its human nature. I also think that women even if in a relationship. Still like to be wanted by other men. Not saying she will do it, but she wants to feel sexy and that is one of the ways of doing it. I could go on for hours and ill probably do another one with a little different guide lines.

All in all the bottom line is ladies. If you can bring a uniqueness to yourself that a man cant find anywhere else from another woman. Then you will be a catch. Sex can be found anywhere and eventually will not keep him around. Your coolness, sense of style, ability to converse, your intelligence, and most importantly. Your personality is the long run piece that will keep him wanting more. Id much rather have my guy friends say "your girl is such a cool chick". Rather then "your girl is so fine". Any day of the week, month, or year.