Who doesn’t want to have the qualities of a woman men adore and never want to leave? Can you imagine how exhilarating it must feel to be the woman that men can’t take their eyes off of and want to be closer to? Wouldn’t you like to be the woman who can choose the most attractive man in the room and make him fall in love with you? 

After searching for the right answer for a pretty long period, I came across the secrets that can lead you straight into a man’s heart. I know many secrets behind these irresistibly attractive women, and I can share with you all that I have learned about how to get a man, and how to keep him. If you’d like to hear for yourself about what he says you should do TO GET YOUR BOYFRIEND TO LOVE YOU, watch this free video.

Most women want men to find them sexy and attractive; it is a simple fact. Women invest billions of dollars each year in sexy clothing, high heels, and lingerie, as well as in services like tanning, waxing, and cutting and highlighting their hair, all in an attempt to maintain a look they think is what men want in a woman.

The truth is ...that while physical beauty is certainly attractive, men are drawn to women for many reasons beyond a pretty face or a seductive body. Most everyone knows of a woman who has a plain face or who weighs a bit more than is considered ideal, but who has no trouble attracting the attention of most of the men in a room. Some women have an inexplicable ability to attract men, and although the men may not be able to pinpoint what it is that makes a woman like this so attractive, the one thing they do know is that she is irresistible.

Qualities Men Love In Women

To simplify for you all that I have learned about what men want in a woman, I have broken down the qualities men find irresistible in a woman to a list of 8:

1.  Smile. Men find it hard to resist a great smile, and this is one of the easiest things you can do to boost your appeal. Smiling people look happy, and men want a woman who is essentially happy. A big smile can also make the plainest face look pretty.  Smiling at a man makes him believe that you are content with him and that you really like him, which takes a lot of the pressure off him and boosts his ego. A big smile is an essential first step to getting a man to love you.

2.  Approachability.  Men often find highly attractive women intimidating, and the more “high maintenance” a woman appears, the less likely it is that a man will feel comfortable coming up to her and starting a conversation. Men usually prefer a more relaxed, girl-next-door appearance, think Cameron Diaz or Reese Witherspoon, as opposed to someone who looks like they just stepped out of a magazine; a man will likely think that kind of woman is out of his league. A friendly smile and relaxed posture will draw a man in, and make him feel comfortable enough to approach you. You want to avoid looking too approachable, however. If you are smiling and making eye contact with every man in the room, an interested man is likely to be put off. Subtly check out the men around you, and choose one who you think is attractive and who is checking you out as well; smile at him and flirt with your eyes. Seeing that you only have eyes for him will make him want you more.

3.  Voice. A woman’s voice is probably her least often used tool for attracting men, but it is a powerful one. Although you can’t necessarily change your voice to the low, husky tones men are often attracted to, you can modify the way you speak so that your voice sounds seductive. The key to seductive speech is speaking slowly and softly. A man may have to lean a bit closer in order to hear you, and the slow rhythm is much sexier than a loud burst of rapid speech. A couple of hours of listening to your intoxicatingly low, hypnotic voice will make him want you bad.

4.  Long Hair. Men prefer long hair on a woman, and will often be more attracted to a less attractive woman with long, beautiful hair that a more attractive woman with a perky, short cut. Long hair is a classic symbol of femininity, and men are just naturally drawn to it. Moreover, men like how it feels to sensuously stroke long hair, and short hair just doesn’t offer them the same effect. Letting a man stroke your long, soft hair may be all it takes to get him to fall in love with you.

5.  Lips.  While some men are drawn to big breasts and others can’t take their eyes off long, smooth legs, every man is drawn to a nice pair of lips. Plump, full lips are another classic symbol of femininity, and a man can’t help but think about how a pair of luscious lips will feel on him. Even if you don’t have especially full lips, keeping them soft, shiny, and kissable will draw a man’s attention every time.  To keep his attention on your lips, be sure to lightly moisten your lips occasionally with your tongue, a subtle move that is sure to make him want you bad.

6.  Femininity.  You are a woman, and you don’t ever want your man to forget that. While you may have a job that requires you to be aggressive or act in other masculine ways, when you are with your man, let your femininity dominate. Men are instinctively protective of women, and being allowed to be the man and take care of you on occasion is a necessity to get him to fall in love with you. Feeling like a man is, of course, a boost to a man’s confidence and ego, so if you provide the means for him to feel more manly, he will desire you more as a result.

7.  Laughter. Laughter is not only the best medicine, but it can also be the key to a man’s heart. Men are drawn to women who are happy, and a woman who laughs frequently and genuinely is hard to resist. In addition, laughing with him will make him feel at ease with you, allowing him to open up to you, an essential step to get him to fall in love with you.

8.  Ability to Be at Ease. This refers to a woman’s ability to be herself and at ease in every situation. Regardless of attractiveness, if a man can tell that a woman is putting on an act or appears uncomfortable with him, he will lose interest quickly. The woman that men adore and never want to leave is comfortable with herself, and that comfort prevails in any situation. Confidence is a large part of this ability.  A woman who can smile and walk into a room full of strangers and look and feel perfectly at ease is the woman who will catch everyone’s eye. Confidence shows in a woman’s posture, her ability to make eye contact, and even the tilt of her chin. A woman who masters the art of confidence sends a message to others that she loves herself, and that others should love her as well, but this is not in an arrogant sense; instead, it should be a quality of adorableness that draws people in. If you enter a gathering with the feeling you are the most highly desirable woman in the room, men will find you irresistible.

I went through a few courses out there on the net and what I have gathered from them all is that they have similar observations on what men want in women. What’s different is their advice about WHAT TO DO TO GET YOUR BOYFRIEND TO LOVE YOU.