Various mind power techniques have been used for centuries by people who understand the relationship between their soul and the operation of the Universe that surrounds them.  Every action will spawn an equal or opposite reaction.  This is as true in a metaphysical sense as it is in hard core physical logic.  So what exercises of the mind have allowed thousands of people in both present time and throughout history to shape the events of their lives?

Self Examination

The constant inventory of your emotional stock is a powerful way of cleansing the soul of guilt and shame.  Understanding your actions and motives on a daily basis will lead you to a new understanding with the world around you.  If it is true that we are delivered that which is comparable to what we project, then it may be well worth our time to make sure that our projections consists of positive attributes.  That can be hard to do if you are motivated by poison or if you experience other emotional blocks that prevent you from taking responsibility for your actions.


Accepting things and people as being exactly what and who they are can relieve a tremendous amount of stress of your shoulders.  By accepting that you are only responsible for your own actions, you may easier investigate your position, and not leave your awareness up to somebody else’s recognition of their part.

Potentially inappropriate responses we may have had to another person’s actions is not the only area of life in which acceptance can help provide some clarity.  Every day life events can sometimes be full of disappointments.  As hard as it may hurt, we must practice understanding that the Universe is run on divine timing.  Any thing that is must be or else it would not exist.  This is one of the mind power techniques that you will find necessary to apply many times throughout the day.


It may seem like a strange mind power technique, but you’ll see where it’s going.  This is what takes place when you have practiced an adequate amount of the aforementioned methods.  The more you honestly evaluate yourself, the more familiar you become with your human flaws.  Not only must you develop a level of forgiveness for yourself for being human, you begin to realize that you are subject to the same defects of character that have fueled your poisonous resentments.  Grudges and resentments are just that…Poison.  If you are seeking to allow mind power to improve your life, you will have a hard time being successful while holding on to resentments.


Bringing all those other tools together in meditation is your best tool for allowing mind power to manifest prosperity into your life.  Meditation is your time in silence where you allow your mind and your soul to connect and open up to receive divine intuition.  However unrealistic this may sound, hundreds of thousands have realized the awesome power of meditation.  One form of quiet meditation is achieved with a candle.  The glowing light provides a focus point to which you will direct all of your attention.  After staring at the candle for an ample amount of time, you will close your eyes and capture the flame behind your lids.  The focus of holding on to the image will allow you to escape the confines of your conscious mind and let all of your efforts on mind power techniques improve your life.