There are many reasons that people write on the internet. Some do it out of sheer boredom; others are aspiring writers sharpening their writing skills, while some are just looking to diversify their income stream. Usually it's a combination of the three, but from what I have seen, most people are looking for a way to express themselves and earn a little bit of money, especially in these rough economic times. For me, I have three central reasons for writing on Infobarrel.

1. I would like to establish a residual income stream, even a small one.

2. I like the potential freedom of having such an income stream.

3. I like to write, and writing is a way of expressing myself to the world.

Although most people dream of getting rich from writing online, or at least hoping to quit their day job and become full time writers, the evidence not just on this website, but throughout the internet points otherwise. You have to dedicate years, and a lot of patience and research if you are hoping to make a steady living from writing online. That is, if you are living in an expensive developed country (North America, Western Europe).

I am a volunteer expat in an extremely cheap African country, with access to internet and a little bit of downtime. Infobarrel gives me the chance to make 300-500 USD per month, residual income, if I really devote myself to it. A lot of other writers, especially those that share their monthly earnings have shown that it is possible to reach these sums just on Infobarrel alone. It may not be enough to live on in America or Germany for example, but for me, 300 USD per month is more than enough. The thought of being able to support myself indefinitely is a big motivator for writing online.

But it is the freedom of having such an income that excites me the most. I think of all the things that I could do if I earned that much money. I could backpack South-East Asia indefinitely; I could volunteer for as long as I wanted here in Africa, or I could set this money aside when I go back to Canada for future use, for further University, or even use it to help cover some of the bills. Whatever the use, the freedom and flexibility of having such an income are a thrilling prospect.

Finally, I like to write! Especially when I am not constrained to a certain subject, and even more so when I can see some concrete payback for my efforts. Every day provides another idea, another chance to write about something. Infobarrel is so easy to write for that It makes sense to write just to express myself, without taking the income potential into account.

So fellow writers, what goes through your mind when you are sitting and writing a new article? What drives you to share your thoughts with complete strangers? Money, freedom or plain old creativity?