Carbon Fiber HelmetFor me the comfort level of a helmet is paramount. Nothing worse than riding along a lovely bit of curvy road, supposed to be enjoying yourself and the helmet is irritating you. You want to concentrate on what you are doing and all you can think about is the useless lid on your head. Is your head being buffeted by the wind? Is the noise level so high that you are getting ear ache? The weight of the helmet is annoying you and is uncomfortable for your neck. What about the visor getting steamed up each time you breath out. So you can see why it is important to choose a good helmet as well as good motorcycle rain gear.

The Number One Reason I Love carbon fiber helmets

Lightweight - That’s it, that is what is worth spending extra and getting one of these space age, technologically advanced beauties. Everything else you can get with Helmets made from other materials with good design. Aerodynamic shape, strength and safety, comfort, venting, good vision on a full face helmet and so on. With the carbon fiber helmets lightweight is the unique key to its success.

Choosing a Helmet for your motorcycling fun.

If you can borrow a helmet from a friend and test it on the road, go for a blast on your Kawasaki Ninja 650R. Sometimes this is impossible if that person has a particularly large or small head compared to yours. At least go in a shop and try a few on. If the prices are better on line then you can always do that and then order when you get home.

See if there are extra padding that you can put in or take out to help to make it more comfortable to wear. Some of the padding will be for reducing noise rather than for wearability. Does the helmet have a removable breath guard, These need to be easy to use and easy to take out for cleaning.

Does the helmet lining have a liner that will wick the sweat away, to be vented out of the helmet. If you were to find yourself bouncing down the road gathering gravel rash you want your head well protected. A helmet made from this material will give you that protection.

Special Purposes for Helmets

You may find that you can get carbon fiber motocross helmets that are designed for that type of riding. There are some that even though they are made from this space age tough material, because of the design they are not DOT approved. Make sure you know what you are buying and check the specifications carefully at the time of purchase. See what sort of guarantee is available with the helmet you are interested in getting.

The Most Popular Brands of carbon fiber helmets

HJC is a manufacturer of these carbon helmets. They have one designated AC-12 Carbon based on a previous non carbon model. The carbon helmets often like to show off the material they are made from, you know that black and grey pattern. You can still have them custom painted to personalise the helmet for you. Shoei, Skull Crush and Joe Rocket also make carbon fiber full face helmets.

So good luck with your search for a good crash helmet and if you have a helmet that you would recommend then why not leave a comment below.