How To Feel Naturally Alert, Fresh And Vitalized

Stock up on light!
Take the opportunity to fill up with as much light as you can during daylight hours - take a walk on your lunch break, try to get a window seat on the bus, at work and take every chance you can get to travel south for holiday or vacation.  happy to travel south if you can. The light is needed to help break down the formation of the sleep hormone melatonin, which makes us tired at night, but sometimes is forms in excessive amounts even during the day.

Get moving!
It can be hard to get started, but the advantages makes it worth it. Many think that exercise provides a greater sense of power, alertness and energy. Some studies also show that people who exercise feel more alert than others. Blood circulation increases, but it is probably the build up of the happiness hormones endorphins, which conveys the exhilarating effect. They begin to form pretty quickly during a training session.

Eat regularly!
Most people need to eat regularly to feel nimble. Skipping meals can make you tired and impair your mental performance. Also, try keeping a fairly steady blood-sugar curve. Good food is fruit, vegetables, fiber-rich bread, oatmeal and fiber-rich breakfast cereals.

Iron deficiency is a common cause of fatigue because iron plays a central role in the formation of the body's energy. Up to one in three women of childbearing age have such low iron levels that it can easily cause fatigue. So if you are unusually tired, check out the iron value in the health centers and take supplements if necessary. Iron is found in green vegetables, whole grains, and meat. Remember that vitamin C stimulates iron absorption, so try to eat fresh fruit or vegetables with every meal.

Ginkgo biloba
Extracts from the Chinese maidenhair tree Ginkgo biloba has been shown to increase blood circulation to the brain. Thus, it can alleviate symptoms in older people associated with impaired circulation, including fatigue.

Sleep tight!
Proper sleep, rest and recovery is of course the basis for you to feel refreshed. Most people do best with about seven hours sleep. Remember to calculate an extra hour in bed, to really get the sleep you need. Don't skip your breaks during the day, it allows you to recover once in a while which is needed to stay alert. Do not skip coffee breaks!

B Vitamins
Some B vitamins can cause fatigue at the lack, especially folic acid and vitamin B12. They can be examined in blood samples at the doctor. The risk of B12 deficiency is highest among seniors, vegans and those who eat Losec. Folic acid comes mainly from the plants, vegetables and fruit. Good sources include legumes, citrus fruits and leafy vegetables. Vitamin B12 is found in all foods of animal origin, including dairy products. Oily fish is an especially good source.

Ginseng root has long been used in oriental culture, among other things, to improve memory and concentration. Modern research shows it can increase physical and mental performance. Generally it takes a few weeks before you notice any difference, it tends to be greatest in those who initially feel tired and in poor shape. Russian roots are distantly related to ginseng, but not as well studied scientifically. Like ginseng, it is used to enhance athletic performance, physically and mentally.

Rosenrot, which is an old nordic medicine plant, is a revitalizing dietary supplement that has become popular in recent years. The root contains the glycoside salidrosid and has been traditionally used, inter alia, as a tonic and stimulant. Several studies, but not all, suggest stimulating and refreshing effects. Among other things, some research have shown that it helps in reducing fatigue in stress-related fatigue and a lowering of the stress hormone cortisol.

Coenzyme Q10
This is an antioxidant, a protective substance for body cells. It also plays an important role in cellular energy metabolism. Nutritional supplement with CoQ10 may have a stimulating effect, particularly for people with low levels due to heart failure or old age. Some research also shows that low CoQ10 levels exist in chronic fatigue syndrome. Just as some research showed improved physical performance in athletes. We produce this antioxidant in the body on our own, but it is also found in fatty foods such as vegetable oils, fatty fish, meat and nuts.

Caffeine can brighten up both seasoned coffee drinkers and others. It's not just in coffee, which can cause stomach or insomnia in sensitive individuals, but also in regular tea yerbate (mate), chocolate and cola drinks, though in lesser amounts. Also guarana, which is sold as a stimulant in health food stores, contain caffeine. Some research showed improved memory, attention and mood from guarana - 37.5 and 75 milligrams in a single dose. Doses higher than this was less effective.