Mistakes When You Are Trying To Loose Weight

Why Am I Not loosing Any Weight?

Are you putting on weight even though you are doing everything right? Can it be that you eat too little and that your body tunes in to starvation, that your metabolism slows down and adjusts because of the lack of food?
No. You can never gain weight from eating too little. Less food always makes you lose weight. But your weight might stand still for a while and if you then eat very little it will decrease your metabolism for the moment, but you can't gain weight. 

So what is it that really happens then when you are actually increasing in weight, even if you are not really eating anything?
The body needs nutrition to function optimally and sometimes there can be an imbalance in the body and then the weight loss will stop for a while. If you have you also started to exercise regularly, your body can start accumulating fluid. But it's only temporary.

Why is it that when you are trying to loose weight and follow a diet or program that promises a certain amount of weight loss, nothing happens?
Everybody, all bodies, all cells works differently. When it comes to weight loss no matter what program or diet your are following, you need to have patience. Sometimes it may be that you are actually doing everything right, but that your patience does not agree with what you expect the outcome to be. Or that the outcome is not fast enough. When this happens people often give up, when, if you had waited for another week or so, you  might have starting seeing some results.

Sometimes you might even see results showing that you have lost, for example a couple of inches around your waist, but then you see no changes on the scale, your weight stays the same?
Again, because every body works different. That's great that you've lost four inches around the waist. That's really proof that what you are doing works and that you are moving in the right direction. Sometimes changes can be seen on the scale immediately, in other situations you might see it on the measuring tape or on the size of your clothes. No matter where it shows you are going in the right direction. Try not always staring yourself blind at the numbers, the scale and the numbers are not everything. Ask yourself, what is most important? Is it for example to feel good and have lost 4 inches around the waist and be happy about it, or having lost 2.5 kg and still not feel satisfied and happy?

Or look at it this way. Say you weigh 100 kilograms but you feel like you weigh 70 kg, or imagine that you weigh 70 kg but you feel like you weigh 100. Which do you prefer?

When it comes to weight loss, we often have little patience and want fast results. If you for example want to loose more then one kg or more, it is good for you?
If you lose too much too quickly you lose muscle mass which also means your metabolism and food burning goes down. It is more likely you will maintain your weight loss, if you lose weight at the right pace. Many experts say no more then half, to max one kg per week.