For me it starts around 3 in the afternoon. Gotta have something sweet, a coke, some chocolate and normally it does not end with one or even two.

If this is you, struggling against always wanting something sweet in the afternoon, try to start by finding out how you work.

For me it is all about my blood sugar level drops. It drops and my whole body is screaming for something to put in my mouth. I have tried fruit and at times like these the term "fruit is sweet" feels like an insult. The only thing you can think about is sweets - the real deal sweets like, chocolate, cookies all nicely washed down with a coke, or two.

But why does this happen?

- Some of us are very sensitive to low blood sugar and it may be a reason for that afternoon craving sets in.

- It's not unusual that this is just normal hunger and the need to eat something. But it can also be a question of some sort of habit. We look at the clock and see that it is approaching three, four, whatever and then should the urge appear, so it does.

Giving-in to cravings and perhaps poke into a cake or something sweet is not the end of the world. But there is a great way to break that pattern. Sweets rarely contain anything other than unnecessary calories and for those who want to lose weight it is about to cut right caloric intake.

What is most important is that you learn how you work, that you understand yourself.

When you do that you can control yourself better and try things like setting up rules or whatever. If you have a problem with rules, this might have the opposite effect.

For me I break them all the time and then judge myself after, when I feel worst about it. This is a very negative pattern and I try to break it.

Lately eating breakfast have helped me a great deal with stopping the afternoon cravings and I also allow myself to fail once in a while, it is not the end of the world. Most of the time I stay away from sweets and every day I do, the better I feel the next day and so on.

You can practice new behaviors, and thus avoid the habitual afternoon cravings. To eat a snack around two can be a good idea for those who had been up early and then not eat dinner until after six.
- The demand goes often down if you are not hungry, but not always,
But by practice, and simply resist the urge for an afternoon or two, you can prevent it from coming back with equal vigor the next day.

- Force of habit is great and when you have the strength to withstand a day or two, it will only get easier.