Quck Fix For Your Self Esteem

Nervous Before The Meeting?

By giving yourself the best external conditions, you can strengthen your inner self.

It is about being your own best friend, not your worst enemy. Are you fully aware of how you feel about yourself? Or do you like many others, mostly listen to what is coming in from the outside?

Start by writing down three things you do well every day. This is a good way to discover not only your strengths, but it also forces you to be present in that particular moment.

Some of the signals of an untrained self-esteem can be: 

  • You are always competing with others
  • You feel like a scam, and you are more or less waiting for someone to find out
  • You spend a lot of time talking bad about others, as well as yourself.

If you do all three you need to try to change. It is mostly about the fear of failure. This is not all you are about, it is not the whole you. It is just about breaking patterns, bad habits and start forming new ones. It can be done. It is a matter of discipline but it can be done.

And when you shift your focus and start learning new ways to feel better about yourself, don't forget to have fun along the way. Don't take yourself to serious. Your focus will help you achieve your goals but acknowledge that you are there. Be aware, don't just move on to the next without being present and appreciate what you get.

Being present is also a lot of being brave, and to have the courage or be brave you need self-esteem.

Give your body, voice and mind a fair chance against the nerves. Do whatever you can to make it easier for yourself and your self esteem! It's about becoming aware of your strengths and give yourself the conditions that will allow you to access them more quickly, even in difficult situations.

Start by getting rid of the myth you have about yourself. We all have thoughts about how we are. I'm not someone who speaks at meetings, or, I'm so jealous that all my love relationships are doomed to failure. This reflects not only how you think, but how you talk about yourself, and it becomes self-fulfilling.

The the last thing you should strive for when you want to increase your self-esteem, is to try to be perfect. This is especially important for people like myself who are perfectionists. - It is better to be kind and tolerant with yourself.

Strengthening your self-esteem is a creative process and it never ends. If you want to develop and change, then make it a life long commitment.  When you enter various stages of life, it affects us in different ways - life is the most creative thing there is!

5 steps to work on your self-esteem from the outside in, when you don't have much time and need a quick start. 

1 Give your energy and charisma a kick, so you sparkle. Listen to your favorite dancing song at a loud volume for a couple of minutes and dance like crazy. It might feel a bit weird but it works get you going.

2 Stand with balance, spread your legs and bend your knees a little. Nervousness sits in the legs, a little bend in your knees gives you balance and when you have balance you are more relaxed. Lift up your chest a bit, and relax your jaw (bite together first so you know the difference).

3 Show presence. Sit with your feet flat on the floor and back straight against the back of your seat. Clasp your hands in your lap - it is a way to embrace yourself without shutting others out. Get out your chest and breathe: now you're here. And smile - a smile is often contagious, chances are you will get a few back. 

4 Have your say . Many people become nervous when they talk, and start moving their hands around to create more energy. Sit with your hands in your lap and you will maintain a focus and know that you're talking from your stomach. Imagine that you take your voice all the way from your feet and your voice will feel stronger and deeper. from the fall of the feet, so fooling you voice even deeper! Then, when you get your flow going, you can drop your hands loose to strengthen your argument.

5 If you feel that your voice does not bear the pressure, or you get a dry mouth. Use the actor's tricks and bite the tip of your tongue a little and your saliva will come back.