Can physical activity keep you away from binge eating?

- It provides, inter alia, a reduced sense of hunger, which is often a trigger for binge eating. It may seem to simple to be true, but it can be a terrific start if you have problem with over-eating.

- With less hunger you will  also, most likely experience fewer impulses to binge eating, which in turn leads to eating fewer calories. In this way, a lifestyle physical activity strategy for the long term to improve combustion, reduce the impulse to binge eating and increase the amount of movement which contributes to a sustainable lifestyle with stable weight.

For many people with binge eating, or over-eating problems it is all or nothing. Either it can feel almost impossible to start training while another pushes himself by working out at least two hours a day. Expectations for results is enormous and disappointments that come with them if you do not live up to your expectations. Many may also feel depressed and want to reduce that feeling by eating.

With special regards taken to binge, or over- eating it has been found that it is a major gain in engaging in physical activity.

The benefits are several:

The health benefits of physical activity are many, but in this context it is  most important to provide a reduced sense of hunger, feeling of diminishing stress, increased well-being, improve emotional state, increase self confidence and try to get you to think of anything other than food.

Think of the physical activity not as a "dieting method" where the goal go hand in hand with weight loss. If you do that, the risk is that the goal of weight loss is unrealistic as well as the quantity of physical activity needed. The best thing is to try to shift the focus from dieting approach to finding a sustainable lifestyle, which provides added comfort and increased well-being.

- Try to replace your thoughts during binge eating into a physical activity instead, before you get started with the eating, let those thoughts be a trigger for doing some activity. Something small like doing 15 pushups every time you want to throw yourself at food or whatever. After a while you will get used to it.  It will make you feel more satisfied and at peace with yourself. Binge eating is a short-lived satisfaction, while physical activity gives a longer-lasting satisfaction.

Try to get a more balanced life where you start with simple measures, such as, for example, always walk to and from work. Run a few times a week at your gym. Plan and prioritize for your health in good ways. You have everything to gain.