Functional training - the most popular term in the gym, but what does it really mean?

Functional training is training that you can do with in your everyday life, without the need of a gym. That is the best way to try to explain functional training. However, something that is not as simple to explain is what it means to exercise or practice in a way that allows one to meet his training goals in everyday life. To begin to dissect this, we begin to look at what an ordinary gym looks like.

For most people the image of a gym is something like this, a large field of machines. Machines that are tailored to train specific muscles or muscle groups in isolation. These machines also makes it relatively easy to get started with strength training for the new, or beginner in the gym. The machines provide a sense of security, it is almost impossible to do something wrong when using one of these machines. And making mistakes and make a fool of oneself is many people's great horror, in the gym as in many other situations.

So the machines have their advantages. And of course, you can build muscle in the machines, there is no doubt. But even if the muscles are large, does it really make sense to build up the muscles isolated from each other? Because for the trained muscles in isolation will also teach our brain on how to work our muscles in isolation, something we rarely find useful in everyday life.

So contrary to training muscles in isolation, it is therefore important to train across multiple joints and multiple muscles simultaneously. Therefore, coupled functional training is often associated with training in business courses rather than specific muscles. Operating lifts will then be trained with loads of verified performance and in as many ways possible emulate everyday situations.

Then, what is called, functional training for some, may be less functional for someone else. It all depends on how the persons everyday life looks like, what the needs are and how symmetrical or asymmetrical, your body is.

Should an example be given for a functional exercise that most of us will benefit from, both the daily routine gym practitioner to the most competitive sports athlete, it must be the basic ground lift. Few exercises are so basic and so genetically related to humans as the ground lift. So if you want to start training functionally it is the so called ground lift or dead lift, with the right load, just the right way to get started.