Sleep Better

Difficulty Sleeping

Some of the most common things that keeps you from getting a good nights sleep are anxiety, snoring and a bedroom that is to hot, disrupts sleep for many.

What can you do?

Anxiety, stress and an inability to disconnect out thoughts are the most common reason that we suffer from insomnia.
The most common one is concerns about the future, tomorrow. This can include practical concerns that you might use the night to think about. You might have a tough meeting, a doctor's appointment or something else that you are worried about. Sit down for a while before going to bed, think about tomorrow and even put it all down on paper so you do not dwell on it in bed. It will only take you a couple of minutes and it works surprisingly well. 

Often you worry because of stress. You simply have too much to do. You may not have had time to do everything that you were suppose to do. You might be worried about not having enough time to pick up your children, to spend time with them, or to be a good parent.

Do whatever you can to clear your calendar and give yourself more time. Learn how to say no!
Exercise may also help. It helps resolve the tension in your body, and you'll be naturally tired and fall asleep easier. Are you exercising outside in daylight? The effect is even better.
The last two hours before going to bed, devote them to easy, calm and quiet activities such as relaxing on the couch and listen to good music. Avoid watching TV, phone calls and especially discussions that make you upset.
The right temperature in your bedroom is very important. Many people have problems sleeping because it is too hot or too cold. Change your bedding according to season and outside temperature, be a bit more flexible. Is it hot enough to cool a thin blanket, a blanket or sheet only?.

We should also be better able to ventilate thoroughly before we go to bed. Get a cross draft going, so that the air flow increases. Measure the temperature in your bedroom. Around 18 degrees is usually what is considered moderate. Find the best temperature for you.

What can you do if you are right next to someone that snore?
Do not sleep in different bedrooms, it is your partner who must do something. The majority have a sleep apnea syndrome, which causes apnea. They can get effective help. Ask your GP for a referral to the nearest sleep clinic. In mild cases there is a splint that can be tested out at the dentist. It can help to keep your throat open to provide extra oxygen. 

Many people are pleasantly surprised when they notice how alert they feel when they get to sleep properly. They think they get a new life, that's how different they feel. 

I go running in the morning and for a while I had problems with waking up several times a night to go to the bathroom. I remember the first night in a long time when I got to sleep undisturbed for more then 4 hours, the difference was huge.