You exercise and eat right - still you don't get rid of those quivering stomach and arms.

There are many tricks and things to use, try and keep in mind when it comes to loosing that extra fat. And yes, red wine, coffee and grapefruit works pretty well!

By now it is almost impossible not to know how to eat well and train right. We are bombarded constantly by health news and facts. Still, those extra pounds you want to get rid of, all the new tips and tricks, facts or news, they never seem to help for you do they?

Maybe you are just not doing it right?!

There are many shortcuts, shortscuts which actually have scientific support.

- Many people think that you should forego things to reduce your weight, but it does not work in the long run.

Many of the shortcuts are based instead on adding things that may boost the body's processes.

- Do you drink for example, another pint of water per day you will burn 15 extra calories. It is 3.5 pounds of fat per year.

But what does this all mean?

The key to keeping weight is not to ingest more energy than you burn off while in motion. If you keep your body in motion, muscles in motion you are burning fat and using fast as your fuel.

- Fat loss in its purest form, means to burn fat as fuel. The easiest way to explain it is to take fat from fat cells and move to where they are burned and it is mainly in the muscles and liver.

Five beautiful forms of exercise that will help you kick-start your training:

• Walks. Long and short. Walk home from work before the sun goes down or sneak out for a walk during lunch, any chance you get really. Get of the bus a stop earlier. Get a dog and you will be forced to go out.

• Running. Skip the queue for the treadmill, the air is wonderfully fresh this time of year.

• Cycling. Dust off your bike after the winter. But leave it to service or wash it and ensure that chain and brakes are in good condition before you step out on the road.

• Boot Camp. Run a session on your own or bring a friend. Wind back workout with pushups, upphopp, kneel or crawl under logs. Use it as found in nature.

•Outdoor workouts. It becomes a more common sight in parks and along trails with various outdoors exercise. Perfect for those who want to work out and get fresh air, in addition, it's free.