Getting Started Online

Are You Confused About Starting Your Business Online

Today I have just started my second blog and even if I have been writing for a while now on my first website, see my profile, I feel like I am just starting to understand, and see, which way to go from here to be able to make this into something I am actually making money from. 
I moved to China a little over one year ago and had been interested in starting a website for a while, mainly to use as a base for my eBook, What Mum didn't tell you about Finding the Right Girl! and then build from there. 
During the last six months or so I have read a lot about making money online, blogging, setting up a website for profit and so on. There is so much information available that it makes it harder in the beginning to decide what to focus on or which way to go. When you are new at this, like I am, it is even more confusing when you run into conflicting information on how to do something. One person might have, what at first seem to be a very strong and sound opinion about something and it's comforting to find so you know what to do next, what to focus on and how to move forward. And then, for no particular reason you keep looking at some other posts about the same topic and voila, before you know it you are back where you started. No idea what is better, which guys product to buy or advice to since they both seem to know what they are doing, and it all works. Well, at least for them, and at least that is what they say. 
A good example of this is from when I bought my first, make money online product a couple of months ago. I was really excited and eager to get started. I paid $37 for it, for a while there it was like all make money fast online products were $37, and still are. It is a bit weird but anyway. 
So there I was ready to get started and after logging in with my username and password and watching, what I thought was some excellent introduction videos and trying out the software that was suppose to help me in the marketing of my site, I was happy. I felt like I was finally getting somewhere. It was also encouraging when I, while looking at some other videos for one or two other, or similar products, realized that these other guys that were promoting their stuff was somehow linked to and knew one of the main guys behind the product and site I was now a new member of. It made me feel like I had really picked the right product and people behind it. 
The following week or so I got started setting up some CPV campaigns, both for URL and keywords and charged my account with something like $150. My intention was to promote some clickbank products, especially in the areas of dating and health. 
Around the same time I started to write a couple of articles, without having any understanding of what type of articles it is that people want. I thought that as long as I just write about something I am adding more and more articles to my name and hopefully, little by little I will attract people to my website and make some sales. At this time I also signed up with adsense and put some ads on my site. 
Then what happened was that within the members area of the site I now had at my disposal, thanks to my $37 investment, I saw a couple of other bonus, VIP and extra offers. Since I now felt I had finally found something that seemed to work and I was happy with I emailed the support to ask how much it was to gain access to these additional areas. The following day I paid another $67 but this time it was not a one time payment, but recurring billing on a monthly basis. At this point I was beginning to feel a bit disappointed since my initial payment of $37 was now starting to feel like a rip-off. I mean, who wants to buy something that is suppose to be all you need for your online business to get going, but once you get access to it you see that in reality there are lots of better features available there but only if you pay extra for them. It makes you feel like what you bought was not complete and I don't thank that's what anyone wants. 
Anyway, I wrote an email to ask support about this, basically asking if ones I start paying the $67 per month is that going to give me access to everything or will there be any other surprises down the line like a $99 recurring monthly billing on top of the $67 for something else that will make me feel like I just must have it to be able to succeed. 
Well, I got a letter back from support and there actually was another $99 per month product, or add-on available and I was recommended to check it out, and some other advice to see if this was for me or not. 
At the same time I had joined the $67 per month customer list and now I felt if anything a bit cheated, so the following week or so I canceled it all. However bad this may sound, I actually learned a few things from the videos and the marketing strategy that they were using. Oh, by the way, my $150 that I invested for the CPV marketing which was a part of all this, well, I didn't make a single sale. But looking back at it now, I didn't really know what I was doing. And I am still not sure how to set it up so it will work for me, even if I tried again right now. 
Anyway, another interesting thing that came out of this was that as a member I was automatically added to their, and a few other guys that are involved with this, mailing lists. And the emails and how to handle all of them when you first start out is a problem. In the beginning I saved the ones that seemed interesting so I would read them letter. Sure, the folder for later where I kept them just got bigger and bigger and of course, how interesting, or up to date is an offer that was emailed to me 4 weeks later, when I get around to read it. It most likely isn't. 
The interesting part was that I was getting almost daily emails from one of these guys who seem to be well known in the online, making money business and with a solid reputation it seems. Well, the question I ask myself is this: What do you do when you get one email one day, with something like this in the subject line - I CAN'T BELIEVE IT, HERE IT IS. EXACTLY WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR! and inside there is a description of this new and amazing product, a one click software or whatever, a secret that only a few knew about, but has now been released... You know what I mean, you have seen it. 
Fine, that is great really. For me the problem is this. When the same guy is emailing me a couple of times per week, and every time with something new, something amazing, the one thing that is going to change it all and so on and on and on and on... I don't know about you, but for, what happens is this: I start wondering about which one, or ones does he use himself? Because that is what I really want to know. Which one should I choose according to him, based on his extensive knowledge. All that this, non-stop, never ending stream of inbound emailing with one offer better then the other, or the next, does for me is get me confused. And you know it, I know it, confusion at this initial stage is not what I need. I get enough of it on my own, just trying to find my way. 
I fully understand that the guys behind these emails, all the marketing and some, or maybe most of these products are also great marketers. This is all a part of what they do and they are good at it. The problem for a beginner like myself was that I didn't need the confusion. Now I have got a lot better with my time management skills around this and my inbox is more or less clean, and I will try to keep it that way. 
Like I wrote in the beginning, now, a couple of months down the line I have a clearer (not crystal clear but almost) vision of what I need to do to make this work. 
As this turned out to be longer then I anticipated I am gone continue this in a part two in addition to this, What Mum Didn't Tell You About How Confusing It Can Be To Get Your Online Business Going! Part One at a later stage.